Music server questions

I am looking to upgrade my source from a standard laptop. I play mostly flac and Tidal high def. 

Budget up to 2k.

Features I would like if possible. 
Use a monitor and keyboard with it. (is this possible?) 
Optical output. 
Internal hard drive or use with external Hard drive. 

Anyone have suggestions
sounds like an Innuos product for you
Innuos  would also be my recommendation.
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Another route could be putting something like the Mutec MC-3+USB between your laptop and DAC. That particular unit reclocks, has galvanic isolation, and has SPDIF coax (though not optical) outputs.
I should mention my system
Bryston power
Audio Note M3 line pre
Audio Note 3.1 Dac.
Various speakers. 

I really like my Dac and have no interest in replacing it so servers with a Dac are not required. I really the convenience that a lap top provides  but feel I may be missing something with the sound quality a good server can bring. 
Used market is fine to. 

Salk Steamer.  Let Jim know you need optical. 1695.  It’s fantastic for the money.  Has a hard drive, can be configured to use a keyboard and monitor I believe.  Roon core installed.  I would give Jim a call and talk with him at a minimum.