Music Server Prep

I have been looking at music servers for some time considering Auraliti, Music Vault, Mach2Server, Sonore, Bryson, etc.
The one I the favor the most so far is the $800 Auraliti which is Linux based and would pull the info from an attached USB hard drive. Some of the units have ripping capability (Music Vault, Sonore)
I was thinking about ripping my CD collection FLAC using DB Poweramp and saving to USB drives that I have on hand, 2-500 Gig Simple Drives. Most of my CD's are ripped in Apple Lossless via itunes now.
I wanted to start but an unsure if this would be a wise move given the current flux in the server market and whether I can use the current SimpleDrives I have or whether there are specific rules on the type of drives I should get for this.