Music server install: internet over electric lines

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I want to set up a Marantz NA7004 network audio player with my 2 channel system; my plan was to have my cable company run an internet line to my system's location, but today the tech said, given my home's layout, that wasn't possible.

He suggested a device by Asoka, called "PlugLink," which carries internet over your existing power lines.

Has anyone done this? I wanted a dedicated hard line to improve audio quality; I'm worried about noise from current affecting the signal to the player.

The other option is Marantz has a wireless "airplay" unit which could stream music to the NA7004.

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I've used power links in the past but found that success depended on the electrical wiring arrangements (extensions, breaker circuits, etc.). I had much greater success with MOCA (Multimedia Over Coax) and recommend it.
Arcamguy, I have no experience but digital over power line but doesn't sound good to me. 1st thing comes to mind is NOISE.

I'm running ethernet from router to DAC and sound is much superior to wireless. Currently I'm rolling different ethernet cables.

Another option is a wireless bridge.
As Kr4 says, it depends. I tested a pair of powerlink devices, though not the Asoka variety, and while they worked, the throughput wasn't any better than Airplay from an Airport Extreme base station.

And, as he suggests, if the two outlets you're connecting aren't on the same leg in your breaker box you may get no connection at all. On the other hand, the powerlink modules are cheap enough that you won't have lost much trying it.
Knghifi: Ethernet cables are galvanically isolated so this why you don;t have to worry about (Ground) noise. Hi-Freq noise - is more difficult proposition and either your server or your DAC has to deal with it
Yes, my Magnum Dynalab 809t Internet tuner has been connected to the Internet using an Ethernet over power connection for many months (internet over your existing power lines). It has proven to be a very reliable connection. Connection problems are very rare. My video system, dish washer and other home appliances do NOT interfere when I am using the Ethernet over power connection for my tuner.

I am using the ASUS homeplug av powerline adapter kit PL-X32m rated at to 200Mbps (Ethernet over power). See

The ASUS HomePlug AV Ethernet Adapter lets you pass through the existing powerlines in your home or office into a high-speed network. There are many other Ethernet Adapter brands on the market but the ASUS PL-X32m was highly recommend by a networking friend of mine (he has his own networking company).

There is no noise problem with the Ethernet over power since it runs on your electrical lines at a higher frequency than the electrical power. I suggest you plug the Ethernet over power device into a separate power outlet that is NOT used for any other devices. This applies at both the source (my tuner, for example) and the other room where the device is connected to the router. I had problems when I tried to plug a 2nd device into the wall plug.

I am using an Ethernet connection from the ASUS device to my tuner in my living room and an Ethernet wire from the device to my router. The ASUS package comes with two devices (source and for the router). I suggest you plug the ASUS device "directly" into the router and NOT into a switch box. Mine was first plugged into my Netgear switch box but I discovered I got a better connection by going directly into my router.

Ethernet over power is much better connection than a wireless connection. It was very difficult for me to run another Ethernet wire from my router in my home office to my living room and the Ethernet over power solution works fine.

I hope the above helps. Any questions, please ask.
What makes running the coax line for your cable modem not possible in that room? Cable company's have rules their employees have to follow. When I was installing cable we where not allowed to wall fish cable at all. We could only run it from outside and then drill straight in or in some cases we could run it though a crawl space and angle drill from above. This is for single family homes only. For apartments of more than 4 units we could not run any outlets at all.

If you are in a house and the cable company can not run the outlet for you then you could still have it done by a custom wiring contractor that has less restrictions on what they can do. It will cost allot more though. If you go this route I would have them just run an ethernet cable from the room you have the modem in to the room you need the connection in. Reason being a custom contractor will not know if the signal is strong enough on the coax for the modem when they are finished because they lack a signal meter. Ethernet will work for as long a run as you will likely need unless you live in a stadium.

I've never tried it for audio but I use internet over AC for my son's's definitely fast enough for that and there's never been any hiccups

I also use one so my daughter can use Boxee in her room

I'm lucky, my modem/router is in the same built in as my gear. It was worth pulling RG6 up there for internet and cable, the BluRay player and cable box are each about a foot away
Sarcher30: Yes, you are correct that I could run an Ethernet cable from my home office router to my living room tuner but I prefer not to. The Ethernet cable would have to be installed on an outside wall and I prefer not to do this. The use of Ethernet over power using the ASUS PL-X32m provides the Internet connectivity I need and works great.
Everyone....thanks for your input; my solution will be to use the NA7004 with my second system, which is my HT set-up with the Marantz SR7005.
I can get internet to that location.
No one product will suit all needs.. when I got my DLink package, it came with a little CD + App to run to test my connection from a laptop. Always do a "site survey" first to see if it works for you. What works for one place won't work for another, whether it be WiFi, MoCA, PowerLine Ethernet, etc...
Sammy, and group....
What I decided to do here was buy an Audioengine D2 wireless DAC; I'm using a Kimber Kable USB from my computer; at the receiver end, I'm using an Audioquest Big Sur interconnect to run into my Arcam integrated. I've been very happy with the sound.

Thanks for your feedback,