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Does anyone have any experience with Baetis as a music server?  I currently have a Emm Lab Dac 2X V2 with a Lumin A-1 acting as a transport.  I also have a Synology 4tb NAS where all of my music is stored and I subscribe to Tidal.  My system is strictly two vinyl, no cd's.  My amp is a Raven Integrated Reflection MK2 tube amp that generates around 68wpc.  My speakers are Sonus Faber Amati Homage Tradition.   I am very happy with my sound quality but am always looking to improve it if that is possible.  I really do like the ease of the Lumin App on my Ipad.  My budget for a music server if I were to go that route would be between $4-10k.  Thoughts please.
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Baetis is controversial. The major audio mags love them. However there's been some online postings of teardowns and comments presenting the case that they're way overpriced for what you get. Search online. Seems to be the truth for some of their parts/materials. There's also an element (that even shows up on Agon sometimes) that seems to have a personal axe to gring against them. Baetis likes to say some of their technology is proprietary or confidential (?), this may or may not be true. Having built a few high-end and expensive servers, as well as a bunch of regular desktops in the past 20+ years, I tend to agree with a lot of the naysayers. There are other well-known options, companies with very good reputations, such as Small Green Computer. It's also possible to put together a top quality server using some of the better audio-grade components available online that would at least equal and possibly beat Baetis sound quality, and for less money.

For the price, this is excellent!

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Laufer Teknik Memory Player MP64-D NEW LOWER PRICE ($9K)

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I have never heard the full Hardware solution, but I have used the software and its excellent. Total Jitter buster!
Wisnon....have you heard the Laufer?  I never heard of it until now and am doing research on it.  That item retailed for $57k.  Seems like a typo to me.  As I said I am not listening to any CD's nor do I plan on ripping any either.  Tidal is important to me so is ease of handling through my Ipad.  Do you think the Laufner fits that requirement?