Music server

I am considering acquiring a music server. Looking at the Innous  statement, baetis reference , wolf red wolf and the aurender w-20. I recognize this is new territory with many variables and nuances such as internal vs external storage, internal cooling fans, Emi  noise, etc etc. my dac is an Ayre qx5 20, so I have aes/ebu in as well as usb and would also appreciate comments as to which is the better output from the server into the dac.  Thanks so much 
Digital we sell the Baetis and the innous Statement we used to sell Aurender.

These are three great and very different types of servers each has its own set of advantages. 

Currently the Innous is the hotest server on the market for a number of reasons.

The Baetis Ref is very good especially if you desire the flexibility of a pure Windows based server Woif also fits this profile.

In terms of running ROON the Statement 
Is very hard to beat.

Dave and Troy
Audio Doctor NJ Innous and Baetis dealers
I have the Innuos Zenith MKIII.  Looked at several other bands before purchasing the Innuos, even models costing significantly more.  After a few months of ownership, I continue to be highly impressed.  It was an easy decision to go with Innuos (functionality, sound quality, build quality, ease of use).  The Statement was above my budget.  Good luck with your search!
This begs snot question, Roon vs j river ? I realize this is a new uncharted frontier, and I am frankly leaning to just streaming thru my dac and doing my disc swaps 
Digital Jospeh

Here is something to consider, we just did a demo of the Innuous Zenith MK III ethernet output going direct to a Naim NAC 272/NAP 250 Dr combo 


Tidal streamed direct from the ethernet going through the Naim directly same router, same quality of ethernet cable

The filtered and better packeted data stream of the Zenith sounded signifigantly  better than playing direct.

So this demo would leave us  to believe that even with a world class streaming dac a better packeted data stream will still sound better.

The soundstage and sense of liquidity was very audibily better going through the Innous. 

We are waiting for our new Statement our demo was quickly snatched up by one of our clients who heard the demo and took it that same day. 

There are also many people that believe that a ripped CD sounds better than reading bit for bit from an optical reader which has to interpolate on the fly for missed data.

It really comes down do you want to spend the extra funds for an Innous either a Zenith or a Statement. 

We are not saying that a good streaming dac won't sound good, but even with the higher end streaming dacs this difference should be quite audible.

Dave and Troy
Audio Doctor NJ Innous dealers
I did a Roon trial with my Innuos Zenith.  Really liked it.  Great interface, intuitive, rich feature-set...... I decided to hold off purchasing the lifetime subscription for now and switched to iPeng.  It is not in the same category but works.  Innuos is coming out with their own player app.  I heard talk that it will rival Roon.  Thus, I am holding off with purchasing Roon until I see what the Innuos player app has to offer.