Music server

I have a Cary Audio MS1 music server that the harddrive died on. I replaced the harddrive and now I am looking for software? I've herd of folks modding these units. Looking to se if anyone has any recommendations on software and where I might get said software. I've contacted Cary who can't find a software disc for the unit.....
That is very unfortunate.

Cary Audio MS1 uses some very simple, generic MoBo with integrated CPU. The only ’mods’ you could do is to replace the HDD with SSD, add some RAM and change the software.

Personally, I would install Linux on a new SSD drive and then I would use is as an end point for Roon.

That would ofc require Roon to be installed on some other computer connected to the same net - be it a loptop or your desktop.

You can also install Win 7/64-bit and use it with Jriver, although that would require a monitor connection (at least periodical). 
A quick google for the manual says there is a  RESTORE & UPDATE DVD. So, Cary should step up and give it to you.
If they don't, I would definitely post your experience.
Other than that, I would do what elberoth2 suggested or build your own server. I built mine fairly easily on a Windows PC, perhaps not the best, but it works for me.
I have the restore disc. However this only restores the unit to factory settings. It's not a software install disc.

where would I get a music server install disc such as Jriver or Linux? I'm a newbie at this...
You need to install the OS first - Linux or Windows 7.

Then you can download the Jriver from their website. I believe it is free for 30 days. 

I problem I see with this solution is that you will need to hookup a monitor (at least from time to time), and that would require you to open your MS-1, as it only has USB outs routed to the rear panel. The monitor out is there too, but only inside the box. 

Windows/Jriver combo can be run headless (that is how my paretns use it). 

In combination with Jremote on an iPad, that will give you a much better user experience than your current Cary software. 

As an alternative, you may try to find another MS-1 user, and ask him to clone his HDD. 

That would require you to send him your new HDD, unless he could clone his HDD to ISO disc image, and send it over to you in digital form via WeTransfer or similar web based service. 

BTW - can you do sth for me ? Can you check what voltage does the MS-1 runs at ? Is that 12 or 19V ? It should be written on the PSU somwhere.
elberoth2, I believe it is 12 volt, but don't quote me.

2channel, I built a micro PC for my digital music. It runs Win10 and I have J River and a bunch of streaming music apps.
For a monitor, I bought a used Lenovo Thinkvision monitor(LT1423p). It works great. They made a wireless version, too, so you can control the PC remotely.-I wish I got that one.
Bob, if you have an Ipad or Chromebook or Android tablet (anything that has Chrome installed) you can run the Google Remote Desktop app, works wonderful.  I run this on my Ipad and Chromebook and can control the Win10 music PC remotely.
Yeah johnziomas, I could have used my android, but I really need a larger screen as my eyes aren't what they used to be. I have to say that Lenovo  monitor is pretty nice-great resolution and easy to use touchscreen.