Music Server

I have about 2000 CDs. The idea of having my music in one place without going through all the boxes, jewel cases, etc. is appealing. Any recommendations on a server and DAC?
+1 for Sonos. Easy to use and excellent interface with tablet or phone. As for sound quality, I would say just okay as an analog source and much better with a good quality Dac.

I initially used the Sonos Connect with a Rega Dac and was pleased with the results. A later upgrade to a W4S modified Connect was a big improvement, particularly with imaging. The last step for even better sound was to switch to the TeddyDac, which is well suited to my Naim based system. The sound quality is amazing, even with higher quality internet music from MOG (320K).

BTW, don’t overlook the ability to access internet music when shopping for a server. Owning a large library of 2,000 CD is nice but having access to 16 million tracks for $10 per month is even better! Good luck.
Thanks to everyone for your responses. I have looked at your suggestions. I think Mapman has hit the nail on the head when he relates that there will be better products at lower prices in the future. I may just wait a few months to see if the Android based devices (and Google's internet music service) spawn a superior system to the Meridian Control 15 and Media Drive 600.
Something to consider, however, is how important it is to you to retain the same level of sound quality as your current CD playback source. Some CD playback systems provide a very high level of sonic performance. If retaining - perhaps even surpassing - the sound quality of your current setup is important, be sure to thoroughly investigate these new lower priced devices...
2ch has a good point.

The thing is I have already owned "inexpensive" music streaming devices from both Logitech and Roku before that. I found using an external DAC with either to be all that was needed to get things to sound very good. The Roku Soundbridges cost less than $200 new and was built on technology that is a good 10 years old already. Squeezebox TOuch was a generation or two newer and received almost universal praise for good sound as well. I've also used various modest cost optical CD source drives with same DACs over the years also with very good results. So this tells me that the cost for a good low jitter digital source is not that great, and such devices and the technology needed to make them good performers are essentially commodities already. Toss in the DAC of your choice and a good amp and speakers and you are pretty much there. Not to say that there are always ways to push the envelope further if desired, but with modern digital I think you hit a point of much diminished returns pretty soon these days when it comes to digital sources. DAC devices are a different story, with at least as much difference in sound from DAC to DAC as one might traditionally have expected moving from one phono cartridge to another in a good and well tuned phono rig.
Thanks again. Does anyone have comments with respect to NAD M50/M52/M2 combination?