Music server

I need advice on the best products out there to transition to music server. I've seen a little bit of the Kaleidescape mini system. What else is out there that can give me uncompress, lossless, high quality audio playback.
How much are you willing to spend for what pieces? Server typically needs some kind of network player if you want it to be located other than in your "music room". Or you can output directly to a dac if they are in the same room. I've never compared the "sound quality" of various servers but I am very happy w my MusicVault server that uses squeezecenter to stream wirelessly to a modified Logitech Transporter. I then take the analog output of the transporter to my pre-amp. Other folks start w a server and network player but then take the digital output from the player to a standalone dac.
I use the Naim Uniti with files stored on a NAS.
The easiest way if you own an iPod (which most people seem to) and then have iTunes, is to buy and AppleTV and run the best lossless files you can through a good DAC. Very little conversion or changes necessary if you already have iTunes. The only downside is that the only digital output is Toslink, but that has not been a limiting factor for me. A good DAC makes all the difference, and AppleTV really couldn't be easier.
If you search for QSonix in these threads, you'll find my comments on this server.

Good Luck


BTW, the dealer who sold me my QSonix, Evolution AV in Agoura Hills, Ca is closing out a small qty of refurb Kaleidescape systems at a very steep (app 75% off list, IIRC) discount. You might give them a call.
I'm confused why one would need Apple TV. What does it do that you can't do with just a usb dac? Just wireless streaming?
While music server has a lot of options in the market, nothing performs as high quality as Kaleidescape. It plays better than some of the Mega thousands $ cdplayers in the market. Best part is it can be played in multi locations and searched by lists or logically groupped by artists, genre and multiple other ways displays the cover art artists and tracks automatically. I have one previous owner's for sale. Write me if interested. Great price.
I would look at the Olive 4HD or the 6HD for a single box solution.
My neighbor has an Olive. Nice solution, but pricey. I like the idea of streaming from a laptop to an external dac. Anyone try one of the mod'ed units from Bolder Cable?