Music room advice?

Hi I am moving to a new apt, nicer than what I'm currently living in, but today I realized that I will not have a decent space for all my set up.
I tend to like squares room not exactly over the gear, some space in between makes me feel good and more aware of the listening sessions.
1-the living room is sort of triangular so no way I can put my TT amp and DAC plus speakers with this shape.
2-first bedroom too small the second small as well,
3-the master bedroom is the only room with potential for my listening sessions and to be happy with the hobby that certainly is the only way I really completely scape from the routine of another day....

I am wondering if I can make my master bedroom in my listening room,
And how you guys on my shoes will manage my situation?

Regards to you all.
Waiting for harbeth C7 and luxman 550AII, the time for the British sound has come to my ears.
Gotta play the cards youre dealt, and use the room you got. Why not use your bedroom? I had to compromise my listening room at my old house. I had my system in a small living room (10x10), and had no choice but to place the speakers in a near-field listening position. At my new house, I have lots of room (20x30), and now listen in a far-field which I like better.
i am leaning towards the bedroom cause is the only room spacious to be able to listen in a far field distance as you just mentioned.
its a nice apt but small bedrooms for listening as we all wish
and the living room is in a triangular fat to thin shape that i really hate for audio placement to host people might be ok,
but no for my hobby.
the only thing is what i going to do with the masters bedroom bed, its one of those low level with extensions on sides, i guess i will figure how to take thee extensions away and move just the bed to another bedroom, i will do it tomorrow cause the lady is moving in AM.
Thank you for taking your time on your response an advice
A triangle living room isnt all that bad for speaker placement. Look at some of the virtual systems on A-gon and you will occationally see a nice system in a weird shaped room. You might get an idea about how to arrange your system.