Music Rendering & Management Programs - Your Opinions Please

As is probably obvious, from the Mac mini question I have running concurrently, I am in the planning stages of setting up a music server for my reference system in my 'Man Cave'.  I have read numerous articles & adverts on which software performs and sounds best, but I would love to hear real-world opinions on the pro's & con's of those programs from real people who have used them.

I am considering & would like to hear your perspectives on the following...please feel free to toss suggestions for programs I have overlooked.
- Amarra
- Audirvana
- JRiver
- Pure Music

Thanks in advance & a Happy, festive & SAFE New Year to all of you!
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I tried them all & like Audirvana+ the best soundwise. Jriver has nicest interface/experience. However, I  can't say my Audirvana experience was a great one. Plenty of bugs with library files ( some of which are "hidden files" on Mac. Drama, stress, where did my files go?, etc. Happy to be off that Crack now ;-) 
JRiver for sure. Just rip your files in .wav format for best sound. Besides that you need a good server type pc like the Dell Precision T5400 or higher with at least 8Gig of ram 16Gig is better . The best part about this vs dedicated type or proprietary server, is that you can use it like a normal pc also.... connect to the internet for anything you can do from the internet JRiver has a lot of streaming stuff too now .
I use the Black or Noire skin. It looks great on my 70 Inch tv. .
You can use a large USB Type drive for your music for 4TB at $100 bucks
Then get Backblaze to back it all up