Music Reference RM9 vs RM9 MKII

This amp has been recommended to me and I'd like to know what everyones opinion is about it's performance. I've been looking for one and there not for sale. Are they that good?
Hi, I'm really shocked to hear you say their "bad,really bad". Which one was did you listen to and did you have inserted in your system.
Quite large.I own the 9 mk2.It has been moved to center channel duties.(Bi-amp with Aerial-CC3)(bi-wire capable) While I'm not trying to say this is the best amp; I can modestly say it ain't bad.The original 9 was class B the9 mk2 was A.As I read thru different posts I can tell you it's better then what some folks use.The reason you don't see as many used is 2fold #1:It is one of those "hard to beat for the money" amps,#2 they didn't make as many as say AR or CJ;they don't make it any more.It has user friendly biasing;trim pots W/ leds.You can use EL34-6550,KT88.I have sets of ea.When the AR VT100 came out,I borrowed one for a weekend, a dealer demo.-sorry guys it wasn't nearly as musical it was harsh to my ears.Both amps being tube,I figure it wasn't a synergy problem.While I admit I am anti A.R., it is the dominant tube gear Co. Stereophile reviews EVERY PIECE they come out with.Gives it their highest ratings,and has little space for other products. This is why so many of us haven't heard of a lot of gear.
i can honestly say, had UPS not dropped my RM 9 mkII i would still be enjoying it. people tend to keep them, even when they call themselves moving up to the next level. they are very musical and ultra dependable. i sent mine to the factory to change from EL 34's to 6550's
Thanks for your experiences, I do know that the MKII was used to make the prototypes of the Merlin TSM speakers. Lastly I am looking seriously to buy one so perhaps someone out there has one there not using and could use some $$$$$$. Thanks Richard
Yo, Potsy.It is/was not necessary to send the unit to the factory to change tube type.The tube sockets have the pin receptacales for el34,6550, & kt88's.Must have had something else done???
Hi, I have found an original RM 9 with EL34 tubes. In speaking with the owner who was straight forward with me he told me the unit has a hum audible at the unit to about 2 feet away. He states that it does not go thru to the speakers or affect the sound. He further states that he was told this was common with the RM9's. George, do you or anyone else have any thoughts about this. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Richard
I currently own the successor to the rm9 the rm200 and I can tell you that it is outstanding. I run it with EI KT90's and the sound is top notch and untouchable for 2k used. This amp is a hybrid design with bipolars in the input (unlike the rm9) and walked all over my previos VT100 mkii at about 1K less. My speakers are Meadowlark Shearwater hot rots and the Rm2oo was recommended by Pat Mcginty at meadowlark as he uses this amp for all his listenig. Very highly recommended. I have never heard the rm9