Music Reference RM9 - user comments please

I am considering of getting a used RM9 for my Merlin-TSM, can any user of the amp comments.
I have the same RM9 MKI that I bought from Johnny Rutan at the Audio Connection in 1987. I have had it worked on 2 times in 21 years. It is currently tubed out with Genelex Gold Lion re-issues and 1960s Heerlan Plant Amperex E88CC. Make no mistakes about the tubes I tried them all and there is no comparison with the KT88s. I am currently Driving a pair of Merlin MXE's and it sounds to my ear beautiful, super balanced and as pleasant as it gets to listen to. I have heard systems that had $40,000, wrapped up in them and-well sorry I can't help you there. The RM9 is a timeless amp and I will never sell mine. I have an ARS Sonum integrated on the way we'll see how they compare. I say get one and save yourself $10,000.00
I'd like to hear some of the 980 owners of RM9s as to their preference between EL34 and KT88; there seems to be quite a difference of opinion on the issue, and there is a comparison to be made; certainly Roger is not so definitive on the subject. I think in the case of Merlins, their is an expecially strong case to be made for EL34s, but ultimately, it just may be a matter of taste.
Used full range, I much prefer SED 6550 in the RM-9 MkII over the El-34, primarily because of the increased bass drive and impact the 6550 affords. The ultimate choice is, of course, system dependent and influenced by listening preferences. For large scale orchestral works (Mahler, Rachmaninoff, etc.) and full-range speakers, the 6550 does it best for me.
Well, there you have it, the EL34, 6550, and KT88 are the best with the Music Reference. Frankly, I suspect they all sound great with different flavors though I owuld note they were designed with EL34s. I'm not sure how much difference there is between my Special Edition and the MKI&IIs, though they do have completely different driver stages (6 6BQ7s). I think is this is one of those question with no definitive answer that applies beyond the individual with his ears and his system. But I would like to try KT88s some day.
Well, there you have it, the EL34, 6550, and KT88 are the best with the Music Reference.

Actually this is true. Depending on the rest of the system, the room, your preference in music, and so on, each tube's characteristic will slightly tailor the sound.

I keep my pair of Quicksilver Silver 60s for their wonderful midrange presence and classic tube sound courtesy of EL34s. My RM9 on the other hand just kicks butt with the RAM KT88s. More of everything and at the same time more neutral and NOT tubey sounding.

I just bought a barely used original Rm-10 for my office. With only 200 hours on the amp and the original RAM tubes I've got to tell you it does sound like a mini RM9.