music reference RM9 MKII mods

Has anyone done any mods to this amp? Power cord? Tubes?
I own one and it seems like it really needs a power cord change. Any thoughts on circuit mods?
Par3n1- I don't know the mk2, but I believe the previous version used photoflash caps for the main B+. If you want better solidity and low-end authority, I'd replace these with Elna or WKZ Blackgates ($$$) with copper foil-in-oil or Rel Multicap bypass caps. Should make a very nice improvement. Then check on the signal coupling caps. Again, copper foil-in-oils (or Auric if you prefer film types)should provide a nice improvement depending on what caps Roger M. installed originally. Also, the B+ caps for the gain and driver stages will likely provide an even bigger benefit from upgrading/improving.
Power cord upgrade should definitely be considered if you're thinking about going this far with the mods. Hope there's adequate space to fit it all in!!! Good luck.
Space considerations is what I was told when asking for an iec install.
Yes I have put a Furutech Rhodium iec wit a mojo audio power cord excellent results LOVE it will defineyley improve sound of the amp!!
Also another tip is do some tube rolling lots of fun I have had EL 34 Winged C with great results!