Music Reference RM Mono?

I am using an RM10 MKII (35 watts) with my Merlin VSMs (89db, smooth, high impedance)in an 18x12 ft room. Listen to jazz at moderate listening levels (I think)- it plays plenty loud with 35 watts. I was wondering if I would get any significant improvement by buying another and running them as monoblocks with 70 watts given the type of music I listen to and the size of my room. Any Music Reference lovers try the monoblock congifuration? Better? In what way? I'm think another 3db is volume isn't going to make any difference to me, but....
The GEs are in the mail. Clio9, you sticking with the Ei 12ax7s? Roger and Sal seems to advise that.
Yes, for now I am. Roger is testing a new batch of the Genelex reissues and if he makes them available I may try a set of those.
Hey Pubul57. Did you get those ge oval plates yet?
No, not yet. What price should I be able to get a quad for? I take your $100 price was for a matched pair?

Will you please send me an PM @[email protected] I have questions about Rm-10 and VSM.