Music Reference RM-200 people what preamp?

Hi,I'm looking for the RM-200 owners input as to what preamps they are using, and what are there impressions of the preamp with there RM-200. 70% CD listening,40% DVD and LP's.
I'm using a Rouge Magnum 99 w/phono and I like the synergy between them. The Rogue doesn't exhibit too much mid-range bloom. It's more airy and detailed with a slight warm sound.
There are a couple for less than 2K on this site
I auditioned the RM-200 with several preamps. The systems I preferred paired the RM-200 with a tubed preamp. I listened with the Rogue 99, Hovland HP100, Audible Illusions 3A, CAT SL1 Signature, and the Wright Sound Company WPL20. Of these I preferred the WPL20 because of a kind of purity of presentation that more directly connected me with the music. This combination was never harsh, and did not overly emphasize any component of the musical spectrum over another. Dynamic contrasts seemed ideal. It's also an incredible bargain.
Thanks for your thoughs so far, What fully balanced preamps would match well with the RM-200 since it is a balanced amp design?

RM 5 is a good preamp I use it wiyh rm9 Im very happy
I had the Music Reference RM 5 Mk IV mated with the RM-9 a few years back, and of course they worked well together. Bugle Boy NOS line stage tubes would be a worthwile recommended upgrade as well.