Music Recommendations based on Seven Albums

I was thinking that it might be interesting to start a thread to get recommendations based on seven provided albums. I always enjoy getting recommendations from people to consider adding to my collection.

I'll start:

Paganini: After a Dream - Regina Carter
The Canadian Tenors
Legends - James Galway & Phil Coulter
Solo - Ning Feng
Vivaldi The Four Seasons - Jacques Louussier Trio
Italian Concertos - Gabor Boldoczki
Looking for You - Allan Taylor

Now you can either provide me with a suggestion and/or add a list of your own and see what people recommend for you.

I found it very difficult to just pick seven even though my collection is fairly small.
Ning Feng, Hello Mr. Paganini

Vengerov Plays Bach, Shchedrin, Ysaye

Arturo Delmoni, Songs My Mother Taught Me

Allessandro Carbonare, Art of the Clarinet

Vivaldi: The Four Seasons (try this version)
Jax2 - I'll have to take a look. I already have Hello Mr. Paganini and it's a great SACD.
Hi Mceljo:

Some suggestions for you ...

Le Violin Vagabond .

In Full Swing . Note: if you can track down the SACD version it is worth it, but it is a SACD only version.

Opera Gala .

My seven:
John Renbourn: "Ship of Fools"
Nellie Furtado: "Loose"
Bob Dylan: "The Times They Are A'Changin"
Miles Davis: Bitches Brew"
The Roches: "The Roches"
Deep Purple: "Machine Head"
Carl Orff: "Die Kluge'"
Here's seven of my favorites to give it a go:

Antony & The Johnsons, The Crying Light
Gillian Welch, Hell Among the Yearlings
Martha Tilston, Lucy and the Wolves
Kelly Joe Phelps, Roll Away the Stone
Jordi Savall, Les Voixe Humaine
Tom Waits, Swordfishtrombone
Mark Hollis, Mark Hollis
It'll be interesting to see how this thread develops. If it's "all about the music" then I would anticipate that we'll be seeing a lot of suggestions.

I don't think I've heard any of the CDs listed by Elizabeth or Jax2.
David Torn, Mick Karn and Terry Bozzio Polytown
Dusan Bogdanovic, Miroslav Tadic and Mark Nauseef Keys to Talk By
Damian Erskine Trios
Alex Cline, Kaoru, Miya Masaoka and G.E. Stinson Cloud Plate
David Sylvian Secrets Of The Beehive
Emerson Lake and Palmer Trilogy
I found this very hard to do. What I ended up with is more a list of 7 albums I have been listening to a lot lately. It's impossible for me to nail down my 7 favorites, even by genre. I think it changes every second. I do like all of these a great deal.

Sparklehorse "It's A Wonderful Life" I was torn between this and "Dreamt For Light Years In The Belly Of A Mountain". I never knew him but I sure do miss him.....

Port O'Brien "Threadbare". A great young band you likely never heard of. Cool story to these guys too. Part time recording artists but most of the year one works on a fishing boat in Alaska and the other a cannery. Music has a real sea/fishing life/Alaska kinda tone...whatever that is!

oOoOO EP This one may not be for many on this forum. Drag or Witchouse style groove. I love it, Clams Casino being another cool one in this genre.

Alexi Murdoch "Towards The Sun". Both of his albums have been go to records for me since I first heard them. Brilliant.

Calexico "Feast Of Wire". Nuff said!

Tobin Sprout "Carnival Boy". The forgotten piece of the original Guided By Voices.

Magnolia Electric Co. "Fading Trails". Recorded under this name and also Songs: Ohia and some under Jason Molina.

That was rough but there you have it! Hope someone finds one they enjoy in there. I'm following this thread in search of some learns from you guys.
Damn. I knew this would happen! I wish we could edit our posts....

I would rather replace the Magnolia Elct Co with this....

Jonathan Mieburg "Buteo Buteo". I have probably bee listening to his work the most lately. The stuff he did under his name and also the Shearwater records. Very unique but I'd call it chamber pop with some similarities to Antony or Talk Talk.
Miles Davis - Bitches Brew
Miles Davis - Pangaea
Mahavishnu Orchestra - Inner Mounting Flame
Al Di Meola - Cielo e Terra
Sussan Deyhim - Madman of God
Yngwie Malmsteen - Concerto Suite in E minor, with Japan Phylarmonic
Suspended Memories - Forgotten Gods
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Rimsky-Korsakov - Scheherazade
Saint Saen - Symphony No. 3 (Organ)
Miles Davis - Kind of Blue
Oscar Peterson - Tracks
Earl Klugh - Low Ride
Gino Vanelli - Beautiful People
Bronski Beat - Age of Consent
Like everyone else, my list could go on and on.
Joe Nies
Joenies - What version of Saint Saen - Symphony No.3 do you have? I have two version and love them both.
Also, have you had the opportunity to hear it performed live? I saw it last season at the Seattle Symphony and could easily make it a yearly adventure.
Hello Mceljo,
I'm fortunate? to have what many say is the original version of this album, the RCA Red Seal.

RCA Red Seal LSC-2341, Boston Symphony Orchestra, Charles Munch Cond.
Classic Records Re-Issue, 45rpm Series, one-sided Pressing, 4 album set.

JVC XRCD2 Re-Master, JMCXR-0002.
Deutsche Grammophon, 419 617-2, Berlin Philharmonic, James Levine Cond.
Seraphim Classics, CDR 7243 5 73430 22, National Orchestra of France.

The RCA is in MINT condition, and sounds the best considering it's age. The Classic Records did a great job when they re-mastered this LP, Great sound.
The JVC is a great CD. The other 2 CD's I do not listen to since I got the JVC.
I have never had the opportunity to hear it preformed live. If my performing arts center ever does it I will be sure to go.
Joe Nies