Music Reccommendations??

Hello all
I have a pretty wide variety of musical tastes, finding good rock and rap is easy, good industrial can be tough at times to find, not too into classical that much.

I really like blues. Recently i got a DVD-Audio recording of Eric Clapton & BB King's "Riding with the king"
Fantastic music, i absolutly fell in love with it.

I'm looking for reccommendations for Blues. What im trying to find is not only good albums, but albums that were recorded very well.
Anybody know any good Harmonica Blues recordings?

Also, another type of music im trying to find, my woman is a massage therapist, and she is looking for new music that would be appropriate in that type of setting.
I heard some Zam-Fir Pan Flute type of stuff at a high end audio store that they were using to audition a rowley amp and some Rel speaks, need to find out what that was.

Anything that sounds real good, and is soothing?
Check out Junior Wells "Come on in this house" Its available as a hybrid SACD- that may not interest you, but the redbook layer sounds GREAT too. I am not a blues man but I liked Come on in this house, I also enjoyed riding with the king, just not as much as Junior Wells.
I don't know how this stacks up for recording quality but my generic vinyl pressing is quite good and some of the best blues I've had the pleasure to hear. If I could only have one blues album it would be Fleetwood Mac In Chicago.
Try Muddy Waters "Folk Singer". Despite the name it is a blues album, an acoustic blues album. A very good recording. Get it in the DAD format if you can (since you seem to have a dvd player). The resolution is exceedingly good, especially for an older recording.
Hoodoo Man Blues - Junior Wells
"Rowley amps and Rel speaks"? Your post is at least half a joke, right?

For blues, any of the most recent Etta James recordings are very good I think. Also, Sam McClain XRCD "Given it up For Love" (or any of his), Alot of the Robert Cray releases are good; Sweet Potato Pie, Midnight Stroll, I Was Warned, Some Rainy Night, Strong Persuader on MFSL. Eric Clapton "Unplugged". Some suggestions anyway.

If you like Chicago blues, then Buddy Guy's hyper-electric "Sweet Tea" is amazing (you can clearly see where Jimmy Hendrix got his chops from). Buddy's latest is acoustic, and is just as "essential" listening."
I'd second the Buddy Guy / Sweet Tea recommendation - great CD. Also Howlin' Wolf / The London Howlin' Wolf Sessions. More Blues: Son House...pretty much anything..the recordings aren't the greatest but the voice, the music and the emotion are all there in spades!! He infleuenced virtually everyone else in the Delta Blues as well as other genres. Yep, Muddy Waters / Folk Singer is an outstanding recording. Harmonica? Sonny Boy Williamson / Keep it to Ourselves & King Biscuit Time.

My wife makes her living as a Massage Therapist too. I do know she likes some of the Eno Ambient Music series and from that series I'd recommend Discreet Music. Also would highly recommend the following CD's for soothing, beautiful and hypnotic music: Arvo Part / Alina, Anouar Brahem / Le Pas du Chat Noir.....I NEVER have tired of either of those CD's....both are just gorgeous, very peaceful...very accessable...highly reccommended to anyone! If she really wanted to push the envelope give a try to Gavin Bryars / Jesus Blood Never Failed Me Yet. That's really an acquired taste, but it can be quite soothing and hypnotic in a very strange way. It's definitely not for everyone though. I find it beautiful and very effective. It may have her clients weeping though.

For New Age, I recommend Yanni, Enya, Suzanne Ciani and Keiko Matsui. Some labels to check out Narada, Windham Hill, Hearts of Space, Celestial Harmonies and perhaps even ECM. You could check out Robert Rich, Stephen Micus or Steve Roach. Tony Scott's Music For Zen Meditation is highly recommended. Even Ryuichi Sakamoto's film pieces are quite atmospheric. Or if you are game, you can try Early Greek Music, Island of St. Hylarion - Music of Cyprus by Ensemble Project Ars Nova. First class music and will totally de-stress you.
Blues -- Get the Chess Boxed Sets of Muddy Watters
and Howlin' Wolf. I would also recommend the boxed set of Robert Johnson. For harmonica: Sonny Boy
Williamson is the man and he also has a boxed set
out. If you like Jump Blues, check out Wynonie Harris.
Rhino has a greatest hits package that sounds good
and is a great introduction to Wynonie. For a woman
who can shout the blues, "Big Maybelle." Get the
"Complete Okeh Sessions." You will not be sorry.

Now, if you want to go back to the beginning of the
recorded Delta blues tradition -- and if you can stand
some hiss so you can hear from where it all came --
You've got to get Charlie Patton.

Dig this: Charlie Patton taught Robert Johnson who
Clapton credits as his biggest influence. Patton also
taught Son House, Muddy Waters and Howlin' Wolf. Patton was recorded early in the 19th century on cheap plastic because that's what they used for "Race" records in those days. To get recordings of Charlie Patton, they had to go to the Mississippi Delta and go door to door, borrowing records from the residents, who still had these records 40 years later.

The emotion in Patton's voice will still come through,
as well as his amazing playing. And, you will hear the
earliest recorded versions of "Spoonfull Blues" as well
as others that you will recognize.

All the above mentioned Blues recordings are excellent choices. For an album that has elements both of blues and world music and either rocks hard or is soothing depending on the volume try Ali Farka Toure with Ry Cooder, Talking Timbuktu. An excellent mello and hypnotic world music album is Baaba Maal and Mansour Seck Djam lleelii. Yes that is all spelled correctly, holy double vowels. A fascinating recording that I took into my masseuse is Michael Brook Live at the Aquarium, London Zoo 21 May 1992. I am not a huge classical fan myself but Chopin is beautiful mellow music. Try Chopin The Nocturnes, Maria Joao Pires on Deutsche Grammaphon.
If you want harmonica (blues harp), and I mean one of the best...check out The Paul Butterfield Blues Band—East-West is a killer, and can be found on vinyl. They also have a compilation cd titled— An Anthology:The Elecktra Years. The blues harp playing on the live version of "Everything's Gonna Be Alright," will knock your socks off!

For audiophile quality, I enjoy the Blue Rider Trio on Mapleshade Records.

My massage therapist plays Brian Eno and other ambient music artists. I find it quite soothing. Unless it rubs you the wrong way ;-)
For a mood during massage - Steven Halprin
Hi, for massage there many titles to choose from.I have a pretty extensive collection of ambient-atmospheric music both electronic and acoustic but for massage native american flute music is great. Titles I would recommend are Marina Raye, "Womanspirit" and "Liquid Silk",John Werner,"The Healing Flute",and Nina Spiro,"Listening Inside".Beautiful stuff and will take you away.I have over 100 native american flute titles and these, I feel, are among the best for massage therapy. Cheers, Lee
Stan Ridgway for Lyrics and sounds.Yanni makes some soothing sounds. Joe Satriani for Guitar work. I am not an ENYA admiree,but soem like that stuff!

Jon-Luc Ponte might be good for Electric Violin stuff.

These are just sme things I have tried as Alternatives to R&R.

You might try AMR to research some other things!