Music playback elevated to a form of "theater?"

An idea struck me recently during a listening session.

It would seem that what we are doing is not simply just listening to recorded music, but rather elevating home reproduction to a form of theater.

One of the things that strikes me is the level of drama, realism and subtlety that current hi end rigs are capable of reproducing.

I often feel emotionally exhausted after listening to a particularly good side on an LP. I really look forward to the break required to take off the LP, return to it's jacket and prepare the next for playback. It gives my ears a chance to rest and allow the inspired performance to sink in, just as one might during an intermission of a theatrical event.

I often wrestle with the wisdom of the all-consuming, expensive and impractical aspects of this hobby, and how (and if) it is truly any different than the average person's stereo system (or different from other displays of techno-lust).

But perhaps at the heart of our hobby it is the quest for this form of musical theater that drives us to pursue increasingly higher levels of audio fidelity?
Theater usually encompasses visual and the auditory but the crossover can be debated in terms of overall spine tingling.I would be feeling just the opposite after a killer song/side to an LP and dreading the sadness of reracking which is why I sometimes play the same side over 2-3 times if I'm so inclined....'Light my fire","Abbey Road"albums come to mind....I guess what is man but his passion????YMMV,Bob