Music out there with good bass

Looking for music jazz, classical, rock etc. that has great bass. What do you recommend!
If you're a real bass freak, you must have a listen to Yello. Their two last cds ("Motion Picture" and "The Eye") display tremendous qualities in terms of production. The bass is deep, sharp, generous. Pure thrill.
I'll second the Yello. I have Yello's "One Second", and Yello's "Essential Yello". These are very well recorded and are pure pleasure to listen to. They will really put your system through it's paces and if your system can do it well you'll find they are difficult to take off the play list.
Patricia Barber's "Modern Cool" has some really outstanding accoustic bass lines on it. I really like this disc as well.
Felix Hell (classical organ)
Pole 2
Future Sound of London (Dead Cities)
Mjfvashon, if you like Yello, you have to get a copy of either The Eye or Motion Picture. It's a must. I agee with you about Modern Cool. Have you tried "Verse"? It sounds even better...
Soul Vaccination - Tower of Power Live (Good Live bass)
Hommage to Duke - Dave Grusin - (entire album has lots of bass)
Thriller - Michael Jackson - Billie Jean
Oh Mercy - Bob Dylan - Man in the Long Black Cold (a lot of texture to the bass here)
Another Postcard - Barenaked Ladies
Hotel California - Eagles (Hell Freezes Over album, bass is bit over done on this mix)
Elegantly Wasted - INXS (remarkably clear bass)
Sad Old Red - Simply Red
Bizarre Fruit - M People (particularly the live tracks)
This is your Land - Simple Minds - When two World's collide(much of the later Simple minds is bass heavy and well recorded)
Mystic Rhythms - Rush (Power Windows album)
"Shake Your Rump" by the Beastie Boys. And the resolution is pretty darn good too.
the great jazz trio
Marcus Miller - Tales. Great jazz bass player. I tune my system w/ this cd. Has a cameo by Me'Shell N'degoCello (I may have butchered that spelling but it is a tough one.)
Here's 2 more for Yello- BABY and YOU GOTTA SAY YES TO ANOTHER SUCCESS. Every Yello CD I have heard sounds fantastic.
Try some of Bill Evans live recordings with Scott LaFaro on bass. Waltz for Debby and Live at the Village Vanguard. Also get some Ray Brown.
Thanks everbody for the great suggestions. keep them coming
The Gentle People
Zero 7
Check out the thread "Organ CDs with Really Deep Bass."
Roger Waters "Amused to Death". Made my REL Stentor III walk across the room.
Try "The Gladiator" soundtrack. It has some wonderful deep bass notes, but a lot of great french horn.

Stanley Clark "If this Bass Could Only Talk" bass as a lead instrument

Stuart Hamm "Outbound" bass as a lead . . . This also has excellent songs.

Most anything by Bill Laswell.

Massive Attack "Mezzanine"

Tracy Chapman

Gillian Welch "Revival" this is more country-rock flavor, but has some amazing, and different stand up bass lines
For classical music, you might try Edgar Meyer - Bach Unaccompanied Cello Suites. It's performed on double bass and sounds wonderful. It continues to surprise me with its delicacy. Other classical music with strong clear bass is almost any organ work written by Max Reger.

For good vocal bass, you might try Isaac Freeman, especially in his work with The Fairfield Four.

For acoustic bass in jazz music, I recommend starting with Paul Chambers for older jazz, and a few of the albums of Brian Bromberg for more recent jazz. For electric bass, I think Jaco Pastorius has to be considered among the best there has been.
Stanley Clark's Journey to Love and School Days has some pretty good driving song's mixed in with some spacey interludes.
David Holland Quartet: Conference of the Birds is one of the great free jazz albums ever recorded, and Holland's bass playing is out of this world.
A couple of jazz Cds:
--Alan Broadbent/"'Round Midnight": Brian Bromberg's acoustic bass is a little heavy-handed at times, but is still fun to listen to.
--Kyle Eastwood/"Paris Blue": This is an all-around excellent CD (yes, from Clint's son), and both his bass playing and compositions are quite good. Track 4 makes a great demo.
a must listen is Junior Mance cd 'Blue Mance.' absolutely excellent bass,and just great music.The title cut is a boogie,bass lovers dream.
Prodigy - Fire Starter
Collective Soul - Heavy
Lorin Maazel and Cleveland Orchestra - Shostakovich Fifth (especially the end with the kettle drums)
Eric Kunzel - Jurrasic Lunch, Batman, Terminator
Police - Murder by Numbers
Minu Cinelu self titled album....former Weather Report player...
Alice in Chains
I have to agree with all the pipe / church organ posters. Not my style of music really, but nothing will stoop so low naturally as a pipe organ.

I think there is a lot of very manufactured / sampled / looped bass on Moby "Play" but won't sound as great as the real thing.
Patricia Barber - "Modern Cool", "Night Club"

Mahler Symphony no.5 conducted by Riccardo Chaily
Shostakovich Symphony no.5 conducted by Rostrapovich with National Orchestra

Metallica - "Load"
Pink Floyd - "The Wall"

just to name a few....
Cassandra Wilson - New Moon Daughter

Patricia Barber - Cafe Blue

Marcus Miller - M2

Dave Grusin - Gershwin Connection

Dave Grusin – Migration

Rimsky-Korsakov: Scheherazade; Stravinsky: Song of the Nightingale (RCA Living Stereo) SACD

Keb Mo – Slow Down

Sting - Brand New Day

Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan and Michael Brook – Night Song
Classical Telarc disc's are known for great bass I have maybe five and like them all.
The Uruk-Hai LOTR The Two Towers (in general lots of bass on LOTR sound track)
Donald Fagen's new album Morph the cat has awesome bass.
Herbie Hancock/Headhunters (the remastered CD version)
If you like "metal" and seek "pounding double bass" kick drums, check out Master's "Faith is in Season".

If you want to see just how much bottom end extension and output your speakers really have, check out Ayre Acoustics "irrational but efficacious" test disc. Starts off at 5 Hz and climbs from there using the "Cardas sweep tone". This disc CAN damage your woofers, tweeters and wallet, so proceed with caution. Sean
I will second the Maxwell "Embrya" album's bass. It opens with one of the most seductive bass lines (and song)and just rolls along from there and from the start you know it's going to be smooth sailing. It's a good album, mostly mid-tempo cuts with a few really choice tracks on it and the gent can sing, my wife LOVES him. If you want to feel a little younger and cooler than you are, put this album on in the background one evening and if your wife doesn't come closer then there's no help for you. I hate to even compare but I think he's like the younger generations Marvin Gaye and Marvin gaye is as good as it gets IMO.

BTW, this gentle did a version of Kate Bush's "A Womans Work" that put my jaw on the floor and my wife in the mood, YMMV.
if you like acoustic jazz upright bass

Brian Bromberg - wood and wood II - such technique
Paul Chambers - bass on top
Lafaro with Bill Evans Quartet
Niels Henning Ormsted Peterson - any of his work with Oscar Peterson Trio or solo
Don Dixon is well known producer (REM,Smithereens, etc.) and a less well known bassist, singer, pop songwriter. He knows how to record a pop-rock rhythm section and evidently loves the sound of his own bass. Try "Romeo at Juliard" which features a cover of "Cool" from West Side Story that features very good electric bass reproduction. He has also covered "Fever" on an Arthur Alexander tribute cd (I forget the title) to similar effect. These do not showcase deep, thunderous bass, but are effective (to my ear) electric bass guitar recordings.
Some suggestions: "Secret World" by Peter Gabriel has bass that wraps around and envelopes you in a way that's difficult to explain until you experience it. Tool on any of their cds has generally some of the coolest bass tones ever recorded. "Perfect Drug" by Nine Inch Nails is a tour de force of interesting sounds of all kinds but the bass will shake the house with the right speakers.
Yes, Tool is my preferred choice for bass in rock music. They never dissappoint me. Also their spinoff, A Perfect Circle" is also very good.

Victor Wooten is a bassist I also enjoy.
Some of Celia Cruz' (Queen of Salsa) last recordings are mixed with some very rich bass. Santana/Puente covers.
Sparklehorse - It's a Wonderful Life.
I happened to revisit Jennifer Warnes yesterday for the first time in ages. Her record/cd "The Hunter" has impressive bass guitar/drums on several tracks. It recalls Rickie Lee Jones "We Belong Together" (I believe that song is on her eponymously titled cd) in sound quality, although RLJ is, for me, much the more interesting artist.
Kyle Eastwood - Paris Blue.
Kraftwerk - Maximum Minimum
Massive Attack - Mezzanine
Any Jah Wobble generally has excellent bass.

But if you can find his 12" (may be available on cd too) of 'The sun does rise' the B-side Oh Namah Shiva is simply stunning. Btw I could be wrong about the single but its one of the 12"'s :)

Yello are great to listen to anyway. Don't remember about the bass.

Also Bob Marley. Particularly Catch a Fire.

Not to mention Paul Simon's graceland
Michael Franks- Passionfruit. Mixed nice and warm. Will Lee and Neil Jason on Bass, Steve Gadd and Christopher Parker on Drums. Floor toms sound fantastic, full, natural and punchy. Astrud Gilberto makes an appearance. Great record.
Pole 2
Anything by the Cowboy Junkies. They seem to elevate the bass in their recordings. May I suggest One Soul Now. It reminds me of a Cowboy Junkies CD with Neil Young on it although it's only the guitar player who sounds a hell of a lot like him.
'The Organ Works' by J.S Bach performed by Werner Jacob
a Box set of 16 cd's from EMI Classics 5 73878 2
Madonna's Immaculate Collection CD.
Stevie Wonder - Innervisions CD.
Both have very deep bass.