Music on DVD vs CD or SACD - any difference?

Hi, I'm new here and just getting into audio and music (jazz / vocals mostly).

This may be a dumb question but is there any difference in the music quality between different media formats?

Let's say that Diana Krall's "Live in Paris" is available on video DVD (or Blu-ray), CD and SACD. Would the music quality be the same between all formats (assuming 2 ch playback) -- would one be relatively indifferent?

I'd probably pick up the DVD / Blu-ray to get the video aspects of a performance unless the CD / SACD version would be noticeably better.
Define noticeably better ?
Always go with the Blu Ray, which is not the same as DVD. DVD in itself is generally inferior sound due to all the mixes.
DVDA is, IMHO much better than SACD.

Are there any Blue Ray audio discs?
Hi guys -- I'm not sure if there are Blu-ray audio disks. I guess I don't have any comparative experiences between the audio quality between:

1) DVD (video of Live in Paris); not DVD-A
2) Blu-ray (video of Live in Paris)
3) DVD-A (obsolete? but better than SACD per Eldatford -- for the uninitiated like me -- why is DVD-A better than SACD?)

I would guess that DVD-A and SACD would contain better audio (since they contain DSD -- I don't think DVD and BR contain DSD audio unless it's a special option on select titles?).

So, I think I just answered my own question :) Sorry -- I'm still learning about this stuff.
DVDA is not DSD. Just straightforward 24/96 for multichannel and 24/192 for stereo. (IMHO DSD is all Sony hype).

The bandwidth provided by DVDA can be used in different ways. Many DVDA include a lot of video... discussion of the music etc.

The audio mix can be selected at playback... "Stage" or "Audience".

I have both SACD and SACD and both can sound much better than a CD depending, as always, on the mix. However, my very best discs happen to be DVDA.
I have yet to be impressed with SACD, but DVD-A is brilliant. I'd say CD and DVD-Video are on par. I know DVD-Video has the extra word length and sample rate, but DVDs never sound much if any better than CDs to me. Maybe it's the material.
I'm not sure I can tell the diff between SACD and CD.
I'd put DVD-A up there with vinyl. Maybe above.
"I have yet to be impressed with SACD, but DVD-A is brilliant."

I would suggest starting from these Nat King Cole SACD titles mastered by Steve Hoffman
OK, I'll give them a shot!
I've been quite impressed by DVD-A discs. It takes music to another level.