Music on casette tapes anyone

I've held onto these for long enough. I have 77 cassette tapes with music from the 70's, 80's and 90's. On them is some of the best rock and pop ever recorded... IMHO. If anyone is interested I can take photos that will show titles. I only ask for shipping cost.  

So to be clear, you will sell these 77 tapes for shipping costs only???  I am interested.
Yes. They're my gift to you. Do you want titles? Best to be surprised perhaps. 
Good on you Bander!
Nice to see some humanity and good spirit left in the world.
I recently purchased a Nak 582 just so I could play my tapes rather than letting them rot.
If rpeluso does not take them I will for sure.
Thanks  uberwaltz. You're number 2.
If all else fails I want ‘em.

Thank you
Keep us posted
If #1 falls through just send me message through the member contact section.
Thank you again for your generosity to others
I will be happy to pay for the shipping, just need to know how to make this happen.  Thank you.
Bander, the two boxes arrived today, thank you!!!  Your $$ is on the way, and you are wonderful!!!
Wow! Refreshing to read a nice post and then polite responses, finished with a welcome dose of kind humanity. Thanks guys, wish the other posts were as uplifting. Hope you all have a great day!

Thank you for your comment Tom. You have a good day as well.