music of boy bands

I am a  teacher at a private high school.  I have a group of students in which I am their advisor.  During advisory time some of the girls have been requesting that I play music from  some of these boy bands from Amazon Music.  This is just my opinion of course, but the songs I played were truly awful!  They all sounded the same too!  Yuck!
You're a teacher? Sounds like an opportunity to teach your students a little music appreciation. 

A little music theory. There's tone (the notes) there's volume (dynamics) and rhythm (the beat). All these things vary and work together to make a compelling piece of music. 

Why is Row Row Row Your Boat childish simple? Why is Chopsticks so grating on the ears? Should be pretty easy to go from there to showing how insipid the boy bands are. Who knows, maybe you even get them thinking how much video production values and glam shots had to do with corrupting their music appreciation. 

If my kid brother can do it you as a teacher might even be able to manage it. Heard him deal one time with some guy who thought Freebird was the greatest guitar solo of all time. So we played it for him. Hmmm,, 8 notes, over and over again, oh wait, same 8 notes only higher now. Wait, back to the same 8 notes over and over again. By the time he was done that solo was revealed as so boring the guy dropped it and never was able to hear it the same again. 

Contrast that with something like Fleetwood Mac. Go find the video where they examine The Chain almost note by note. Or take the Beatles. Any Beatles. There's good solid reasons their music endures. Teach them those reasons.

Miller, I agree, a very good teaching opertunity, especially since they picked the topic. To be fecestious, as long as the lesson doesn't play out as in the movie "Blackboard Jungle"! 
The problem is you’re not a teenage girl. That music isn’t supposed to appeal to ancient teachers.