Music News Update March

Audiogoners an update on some music news below, work is ongoing or indeed about to start :-) on the review side of things hopefully you will all see something worthwhile (or otherwise) by the end of the month.

As an aside I got today the new Fleetwood Mac re-masters and for fans for the later 70’s incarnation of the band I’m glad to say the re-mastering is excellent and at last these discs (Fleetwood Mac, Rumours and Tusk) sound great on CD.
I haven’t listened to the bonus material yet but that stretches to 2 full CD’s.

I hope some of you find something newsworthy for your future purchases below.

More later.


WILCO: Have recently finished mixing their new album at Abbey Road it's called A Ghost Is Born, release date is June 8th.

U2: News is breaking that work on their new album is going slower than expected; the release date has been put back to the winter.

NICK DRAKE: A completely new original Nick Drake song has been found whilst trawling through his home tapes.
Apparently the last song he ever committed to tape, Toe The Line is scheduled to be the closing track on a compilation called I Was Made To Love Magic.
This release will feature alternative versions of 13 Drake originals.
Release date is not official yet but expected in the summer.
Nick Drake died in 1974 having only released 3 albums and over the years the appreciation of his work has grown and grown.
His song Pink Moon was featured in the States on a Volswagen commercial a few years back.

PINK FLOYD-re-mastered and released with an extra track When The Tigers Broke Free, The Final Cut is out this Monday, 22th March.
There is a 16 page booklet with the CD.
Also DSOTM has been released in Japan on DualDisc CD/DVD-V hybrid.

THE WHO-two totally new Who tracks Real Good Looking Boy and Old Red Wine will be released on a new compilation Then And Now, released in the States March 30th.
A totally new Who album is rumoured for Jan.2005.

TODD RUNDGREN-April 5th sees the release of a new album of totally new material entitled Liars.

THE DIVINE COMEDY –Neil Hannon’s band have a new record out on 29th March called Absent Friends.

JJ.CALE-After 8 years Mr Cale finally releases a new record called To Tulsa And Back
apparently it features slow Blues and country-soul ballads.
Release is due in May.

PATTI SMITH-11 new original Smith songs are the substance of Trampin’ her new album due out April 26th.
Lenny Kaye features on guitar.

JERRY GARCIA-Rhino/Warners release a 6 CD box set in May.
The set features the Grateful Dead front man’s five solo albums and almost 4 hours of unreleased material which spills over to a bonus disc.
All the material is re-mastered and a 100 page booklet will feature with new essays by Robert Hunter.

CAMPER VAN BEETHOVEN-Cooking Vinyl re-releases 4 albums on March 29th.
Telephone Free Landslide Victory, II/III, Camper Van Beethoven and Camper Vantiques all have bonus unreleased tracks.

KRAFTWERK-Have 4 CD’s reissued by Virgin/Astralwerks in the U.S on 4th April-Autobahn, The Man Machine, Trans Europe Express and Radioactivity.

ERIC CLAPTON-Has his new album a tribute to Blues legend Robert Johnson called Me And Mr Johnson out on Monday it features 14 songs by Robert Johnson.

TOOTS AND THE MAYTALS-Their new record is due on April 6th and features an all star cast ,usually a bad sign :-)of Eric Clapton, Bonnie Riatt, Jeff Beck ,Ben Harper and Keith Richards.

BLACK SABBATH-Rhino/Warners release an 8 CD box set called Black Box on 29th April.

RICHARD AND LINDA THOMPSON-Universal reissue re-mastered versions of 3 of their albums Hokey Pokey, Pour Down Like Silver and a personal favourite I Want To See The Bright Lights Tonight.
All albums feature believe it or not bonus tracks all of which appear to be live recordings.
BC , you are to music what " Sean " is to.... well , about everything else here. Thanks for making the efforts. I look forward to your threads and posts. Brent
Thanks Ben, I look forward to the Eric Clapton album, I was wondering what my next music buy should be!

Ben- Thanks for the updates, I am going to have to get that new Wilco release I absolutely loved there last two releases!
Ben , Thanks. Sometimes its good to get a reminder MUSIC is what this hobby is all about ! Black Sabbath 8 CD Set ?
Now thats "Bloody" !

appreciate all your efforts. keep it coming.

aloha keith
I look forward to that new JJ Cale release. Thanks for the mentioning the Fleetwood Mac remastering results. Your contributions to this forum are greatly appreciated
New JJ Cale and Eric Clapton... Meeeeeee Likeeeee
Thanks for the update
FWIW, Lokie: Eric Clapton and JJ Cale (along with Carlos Santana,BB King, ZZ Top, Joe Walsh, Brian May, Robert Cray, more..) will be performing here in Dallas kicking off Eric Clapton's N. American tour. It is a 3 day guitar festival in mid-June and was organized by Clapton. Just an FYI for those interested (I am NOT selling tickets and have no connections - although I wish I did:-) Here's a link: has some 60 second sound bites from the Clapton album "Me and Mr. Johnson" for anyone who wants a pre-release listen.

Ben, thanks for the heads-up on the Constantines' "Shine A Light" in a post you made earlier this year. An excellent and refreshing discovery that I'm glad to have in the collection.
Thank you Ben. Some very interesting releases coming. "When the Tigers Broke Free" showed up on the PF "Echoes" release, and it will be nice to see it on "The Final Cut" where it really belongs. Any idea if "Final Cut" be be reissued on heavy vinyl?
Thanks for the comments guys I'm glad this info and previous recommendations have pleased some of you.

Slipknot-not sure about the Floyd vinyl,they have a habit of releasing their material on vinyl too but I haven't seen this confirmed.
The official site doesn't even mention The Final Cut despite the ad for this new remaster showing the hyperlink to the official site.
I'm particularly looking foward to the Clapton release and the Richard/Linda Thompson remasters...

...but, this month, mostly looking forward to the Dylan 1964 issue!
Christopher-announced today Dylan in Glasgow June 23rd!!!!!!!!!
Will send CD's this week-I promise!!!
Great stuff, Ben. Maybe your posts should be the homepage here...:)
Thanks Treyhouse... Just checked out the line up and it looks like a great show. I may need to visit my brother in Dallas!
Ben, not to worry about the CDs! I know how it is... life gets in the way of life.
Thanks Ben. BTW, if you hear/buy the new Clapton would you consider doing a review for the rest of us? I'm a little gun-shy when it comes to Eric.

I'm thinking it might be really good since it should be blues based guitar music. However, I'm hoping he does his own interpretations of Mr. Johnson's songs instead of trying to imitate him, like he did with some songs on "Back to the cradle."