Music Metre Fidelus digital cable

Please let me know your impression about Music Metre Fidelus.
I have been using Music Metre Fidelus for about 4 years. I listened to a couple of other digital cables in my system around the time I decided to go with the MM, Fidelus.

Sorry, I don't remember what other digital cable I auditioned. All I do remember is that the MM, Fidelus sounded so much better than the others that the choice seemed obvious: Go with the Fidelus.

FYI, My transport and DAC are the EAD T-1000 and DSP-7000 III. Hope this helps.
I concurr with Kalan's comments. I had the MM cable. The sound was great . Of course I wanted to improve it. Bought MIT T3 digital, too blurry. Bought much more expensive MIT digital reference. Sound came much closer to the MM but still not as good. Stayed with the MM and lived happily ever after(hopefully)