music matters blue notes 33 1/3

received my first 4 lp's this week and they were all off center and there were scratches on one lp as well. wondering if anyone else has had a problem with this reissue
That's disappointing to hear, as Music Matters Blue Note 45's are very well made. I subscribed to the original run plus the 13-title extended run, and I had only one defective record which MM cheerfully replaced.

There are a couple of titles in 33 1/3 I was considering ordering, but I will hold off pending further reports on quality control.
I not only would return them and I would ask to speak to someone in charge. Address the return to him and have him look at the product. Tell him if you receive another shipment of this quality you will return it on his dime for a full REFUND.
MM will not offer free pick up of defective product, and for that reason I do not do business with them. The hassle of having to do the return, and pay for it, tells me MM is not serious about their customer satisfaction and service. They should take a clue from Amazon and how they do returns. I order all my music from them, and I am a very happy customer.