Music Lovers Speaker vs. Audiophile Speaker

In my quest for a new set of speakers to replace the Paradigm 5se I've had for 25+ years I've come across a couple of terms I'd like clarified: the musical speaker and the audiophile speaker.

What's the difference? 

I can think of two analogies, both of which may be way off mark.

One is the "mp3" analogy. mp3's dumb down the music, but capture what a music lover may consider to be the important stuff. The audiophile version is the CD.

So in this case, the musical speaker doesn't perform as well as the audiophile speaker, but it is at the right price point or has other features (particularly finish) that the listener desires.

The other analogy is the "radio station" analogy. The station doesn't dumb down the music, but it does intentionally change the sound to suit the audience. Classic rock is bass heavy, and dynamic range may be compressed to raise the overall level. An easy-listening station will have a lighter sound with different frequencies emphasized.

Comments ...
I don't think it is an analogy but a non-specific, useless characterization. If you are listening to a stereo what good is asking yourself, "analytic or musical"?
For many, I think this analogy works:   A solid state amplifier is more accurate and reproduces  more precisely what is on the recording.  The tube amp on the other hand, may not be quite as accurate, but gives that wonderful warm sound and is more musical.  I am not saying that I agree with this, but some do.

There is a thread going on regarding the Quad ESL57, and I believe there are statements such as "it may not be the most accurate speaker, but it sure makes the music sound good".

In today's world, the difference seems to be that that an audiophile speaker doesn't have Bluetooth.
Audiophile speakers are judged by specs and measurements.  Musical speakers are judged by the human ear, without regard to specs and measurements