Music Lovers In The Indianapolis, IN Area?

Has anyone, in this vicinity, tried contacting others of like interest?   
Indy has multiple high-end dealers so there are music lovers here. I dwell in Indy. What do you have in mind?
Just wondering if anyone had tried the audio club thing, in this area. If not, whether it would be worth it.  I'd like to see if I'm missing anything.
I'm a former member of the Chicago Audiophile Society. Running an enterprise like this is no small task. It's like having a part-time job. Ovation Audio has a nice space for a meeting hall and is close to the freeway. You might want to talk to Mike.
Met Mike, but- I’m better acquainted with Chris. Not really interested in running anything, as administrative skills have never been my forte. Since landing in this area(1990), the vast majority of my contacts, have been with musicians, music venues and technicians. Hearing/comparing home systems, listening habits, references, tweaks, etc, would obviously be interesting/entertaining.  I'm wondering if anyone is engaging in such, around here.
Haven't heard of such...
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