Music Inventory

I've been thinking lately of getting a barcode scanner and some software to make a complete inventory of my music collection. Anybody have any experience with any of the available software or other suggestions?
I like the Collectorz software. It's user friendly and the database is fairly extensive. Organizing vinyl is more labor intensive but doable. They have an app that lets you keep you collection on the iPhone which is pretty useful for preventing duplicate purchases.
Interesting... Jazdoc, can you use the scanner for vinyl? Is that only good for recent production albums, or are barcodes unique from the 50/60/70/80s?

Can you please expand on the process? I use excel currently, but am finding it to be a pain.

Here is a link to the website:

Just click on the 'Music Collector' tab. Scanning works for anything with a bar code. For other vinyl you can search the database by artist and/or album name or enter manually.

If you'd like send me a PM with your phone # and a good time to chat.
what about an Ipod
I d not have any experience with doing this. My other half keeps a list of all music he has on the computer, but it is nothing formal. I think scanning bar codes and using software to keep inventory is an excellent idea.
Update....I picked up a $60 USB scanner on Amazon and downloaded the Music Collector software. The combo works like a charm, I'm making excellent progress in loading my music collection. The program has lots of options for adding notes and otherwise customizing the database to highlight the information I find important. The scanner couldn't be easier; I plugged it into a USB port, it beeped, loaded a driver, and I was on my way.
Usb scanners are really cheap and fast, i do like the efficiency of these. I would recommend getting one.
I can never find anything and my music collection is not that big. Plus, there have been times when I have purchased a CD only to find that I already owned it.

Frankly, it takes too much of my time to catalog everything. I wish I could. One time I paid my girlfriend's daughter 5 bucks an hour to alphabetize my CDs. She did it for 5 minutes and quit. Kids today....
Matchstikman- you could have at least given her minimum