music in your holiday stocking

my hope is for the new sacd,Genesis 1970-75
I am hoping for Patricia Barber Cafe Blue MFSL/SACD
I'm hoping for any selection from my 4 page long wish list....


Kasey Chambers & Shane Nicholson, Rattlin Bones
Duffy, Rockferry
John Hartford, Steam Powered Aereo-Takes

but we'll see.....
12-16-08: Mlawitm
I am hoping for Patricia Barber Cafe Blue MFSL/SACD

That is a great choice! One of my favorite digital selections! I hope you get it.

As for me, this sits on top of my Christmas wish list.

Happy Holidays,
I will likely get the same I got last year, a pair of socks and a piece of ass.........both were too big.
im crossing my fingers for willie nelsons box set one hell of a ride or johnny cash the man comes around on cd
Hey John,

If you're asking for great sounding vinyl from AcousticSounds, you might as well add this one to your list:


TIC, thanks for the reco, I just added it to my wish list!

Chadnliz, LMAO!!!


Well? How did everyone do? I got the following:

The Waifs-Shelter Me
Supertramp-Brother Where You Bound
Stevie Ray Vaughan-Texas Flood and Couldn't Stand the Weather

And my 70's nostalgia pick- Moxy II

And I got a Mac Mini to start my digital music server project!

I think my family treated me pretty well this year. Probably better than I deserved......


I got 30 cd's from a audio bud I met here but I have not really gone through them yet and the kids gave me 6 DVD's.
The Album Leaf in vinyl; The Clash on CD; ton o' Blu Rays.
Only when I lay her down................oo-er missus!

I actually got the Led Zeppelin box set 'The Complete studio albums' on cd this holiday. I Have all except 'In Through the out door' & 'Coda' on vinyl but do not listen to albums any more so I am quite pleased with the shiny versions.
I must have been a very good boy, because I got the 'Jazz At The Pawnshop' LP like I asked for. Listening now, it sounds fabulous!!!
I also received:

Stockfish Records Vinyl Collection
Duke Ellington & John Coltrane
Rebecca Pidgeon: Perspective

All on LP's as well as the following digital cd's:

Eva Cassidy- Live at Blues Alley
Eva Cassidy- Imagine
Chesky Records- The Ultimate Demonstration Disc Vol. 2
This is K2 HD Sound (100Khz and 24-Bit Resoultion)
Boston Symphony Chamber Players Mozart recordings (SACD)


Happy New Years!!!