Music in your diary...

My discussion is somehow related to the previous thread aka What Are You Listening This Evening. Well for me it's every day "this evening" and i want to know if anyone places a record in diary what he/she had been listening along with other things done or tobe done.
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Are you obsessive compulsive?
I have considered putting a small sticker on the plastic outer sleeve of my albums and putting the date on them when I listen. I was curious as to what I might be listening to a lot without realizing it.
I never did it so I guess I'm not obsessive!?!
Speaking of diaries/lists, have you ever seen the list of books that Art Garfunkel has read? Here's the link:

Personally, I don't keep track of either what I listen to or read.
I'm not obsessive compulsive and I never keep any diary which i sometimes need to do, but my listening sessions sometimes lay down in my memory so I even keep track on the daily events just by knowing what I've been listening that particular day.