Music in Nike Commercial?

Hi, I have an interesting question. Can anybody tell me what music is playing in the Nike commercial released during the olmpics. The commercial flashes from sport scene to sport scene. There is a wide variety of sports (mainly winter sports) and there's no talking. The music is mainly a piano playing. I don't know if this is enough info, if not I'll try and provide more. The song has been stuck in my head and I just want to know if its something Nike made up or if its a famous piano work. Thanks for your help.
I did not see or hear the ad you describe, but the agency list of music for latest ads follows:

'Move' ad - The music is called 'Elias Music' and the sound design was by Jeff Elmassian, Endless Noise. It was commissioned by Nike and is not available for consumer distribution.

Trunning with Roy Jones, Jr. - 'No Day Massacre' performed by Mr. Oizo

Trunning with Derek Jeter - 'Roads' instrumental by Portishead

'Raining Runners' (Enjoy the Weather) - Music 'Everything is Alright' by Four Tet, from the album 'Pause'.

'Off Road' (Enjoy the Weather) - Music 'The Hook' by The Lune, a Boston band, from the album 'Off the Cutting Room Floor'.

'Tailgating' - Music 'Spooky' by Dusty Springfield, available on Universal Records.

'Shade Runner' - Music is by Elias Associates, vocalist information unknown.

'Much Respect' (JORDAN Brand) - Features a remixed version of rapper Mos Def's 'Umi Says'

'Player's Delight' (Jason Williams, Tim Duncan) - Lyrics by the Mountain Brothers, remake of Rapper's Delight by the Sugarhill Gang. Music commissioned by Nike and is not available for consumer distribution.

'Overjoyed' (JORDAN Brand) - Music by Mary J. Blige, remake of Stevie Wonder original. Music commissioned by Nike and is not available for consumer distribution.

'Good Ol' Boys' (Randy Moss & Jason Williams) - Music by Waylon Jennings, theme from the Dukes of Hazzard

'You Are So Beautiful (To Me)' - Music by Joe Cocker

'Together, Wherever We Go' (Soccer Date) - Music by Stephen Sondheim & Jule Styne

'Heritage' (Michael Jordan) - Music commissioned by Nike (not on any album) and is not available for consumer distribution

'Airport' - The song is a Brazilian classic called "Mas Que Nada" (pronounced: mahhz kuhnah-dah) and is performed by the Tamba Trio. The lyrics of the song roughly translate to 'stepaside, because more than anything (mas que nada) I want to samba'

'I Can' - The song title is 'Bitter Sweet Symphony' by The Verve, from the album 'UrbanHymns'

'Evolution of Skin' - The songs are 'Perpetual Mobile' by the Penguin Cafe Orchestra, 'TechnoWaltz' and "Water Music" by Musci Venosta, and 'Excersize Repete' by Jean-Herve Peron

'Chan Ho Park' - The song is an original piece by Jeff Koz of Hum

Hope you find it if available commercially.
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