Music in multiple rooms

Hi guys,

I'd like to hook up 3 sets of speakers to the same source - with discrete volume control and the ability to turn off each set of speakers.

My idea is this:

- Connect sources and 1 set of speakers to an Integrated amp (INT1) that has "Pre-amp" outs
- then connect (INT1) from Pre-amp outs to any input on a 2nd Integrated (INT2) with 2 pairs of speaker terminals.

For ex:  CD Player/Streamer/Turntable -> Rouge Sphinx (1 set of speakers) -> Yamaha A-S801 (2 sets of speakers)

Should this work?  Would this work well?  Should I use the variable or fixed output on Rogue Sphinx?

Is there a better solution?  Open to any suggestions.



Depending on the number of sources you want, that would determine whether to use the 16 or the 8.  But, you can bridge the zones to have 200w/ch to each speaker which you would need the 16 to accomplish hooking up all the speakers you want.  You can also use the Web UI like an app to control the zones.
Thanks Cbrents. Definitely an interesting piece of kit. 
Anyone else have a comment on my original thought?
I sense that you already have this equipment but do you have Wi-Fi or an Ethernet connection? The Bluesound system could work very well for you. Their streamers and speakers work and sound great. They are portable and would allow you an infinite music source like Qobuz or Tidal and you can get an external hard drive for all your CD's and there is one analog connection so you can attach a pre-amp. Just something to think about.
By using the fixed output of the Rogue into the Yamaha, you will have independent volume control of the Yamaha with the other 2 sets of speakers being driven by it. Using the variable preout of the Rogue, the Yamaha will be dependent on the volume setting of the Rogue. This simple daisy chaining idea would best be served, ime, by using the fixed output of the Rogue.
@cio52 Thanks!  Yes I've definitely considered this, however in my new home I may only have one centralized place for all the hifi equipment with in-wall speaker wire going around.

@mrdecibel TY this was the confirmation I was looking for - it seemed self-evident but I wanted to confirm.  I think the Tube Stage of the Rogue would add it's Tubey color to the Yamaha as well, no?

Just a follow up- Does the signal coming out of a Fixed/Rec output go through the preamp of the integrated?

IE would the signal from the Fixed output of the Rogue go through the Tube stage?
To answer my own question i emailed Rogue.  The Fixed signal out skips the preamp.