Music Hall Turntable USB-1 : Opinions Please

Just bought this table cheap and have heard negative and positive about it.
Any input ?  It has Sansui cartridge. Thank you
I thought the USB-1 came with an AT cartridge?
Not sure why anyone would be negative about a turntable that is so cheap. I use mine to play vinyl that I buy from thrift Stores only. As an almost  entry turntable the sound is very acceptable and fun to be spinning albums again. For me it was a solid buy at $170 new as I wanted a cheap as chips turntable to get back into vinyl after all these years without taking a plunge into the abyss. My first turntable was a Linn LP12 bought in 1977 that I still own but I am not able to use for the foreseeable future.
 I doubt many on Audiogon have a USB-1 or have even heard one, so comments maybe a bit lean.
What do you think of it?