Music Hall MMF CD 25 or ???

I just purchased the Creek 5350SE integrated amp and a pair of Vandersteen Model 1Bs. Now I am looking at purchasing a new CD player in the $500 range. I am hearing alot of good about the Music Hall MMF CD 25. I was wondering if I should just go with this player or if anyone out there has any better suggestions. I listen mainly to jazz and funk, but also some electronica and rock.
Thank you for your replies.
I have been using the MMF CD 25 for about a month now and I am very pleased with my purchase. I listen to mostly acoustic; popular vocals; and jazz music. I find that the player picks up every last detail, for example I will hear a tambourine or guitar strum that I had not noticed before. On vocals, the player is very precise. On one Elvis song in particular (Kentucky Rain), I can hear clearly the echo of the recording studio and the accompanying stillness of the air. On 1950's vintage Louis Armstrong (W.C. Handy & Fats Waller), the sound is smooth, not harsh (though not as good as the SACD versions). I have the MMF paired with fairly musical sounding equipment (Acoustic Research 302; Harmon Kardon 3370) and am considering buying an additional player for my bedroom system. I purchased it over the net from Northern Audio & Home Theater for $539 (includes shipping & tax). Good service & quick.
I have also had my MMF CD 25 for about a month. I have been using it in my modest office system (NAD integrated/NHT Super Zeros)while I break it in. So far I have been very pleased. Sound is clear with good spacing and pace. I did have an occasional hum problem probably related to the extension cord I had to use to reach the outlet. I added an absolute powercord ($35 used) and it eliminated the problem. I will eventually move the system home and move my Marantz 63 SE to the office, but for now, I get to listen more at work than at home.

At the price new it is hard to beat.

Happy listening,
I would also like to recommend you seriously look into
buying a Music Hall MMF 25 CD Player. I've had mine for
about six weeks and just love it. I have an all McIintosh
system with Thiel speakers; and bought it after listening
to other CD players including the Cambridge 500SE and the
current Rega Planet.
Great build quality for it's price point and sounds
wonderful right out of the box. You WILL NOT regret the
purchase of the Music Hall!