Music Hall MMF 9 compared to ?

I am in the market for a plug & play or a turntable that would be very easy to set up. I like traditional. I have only read about the MMF 9 as there are no dealers in my area. I would like to keep the cost at 1500.00 or less with arm & cartridge. Preowned is also O.K.
Anyone own the MMF 9 that can give me comments on likes and dislikes? Others I have read about are the Rega's & Linn's.
Open to suggestions and help. I like to listen to light jazz, vocals, and some big band. I use a mac 352 amp & the C2200 pre. speakers: Revel Studios.
If I have to raise my budget cost I can do that.
Thanks for the help,
Hello Dave,

From all I've read there is no difference in sound between the mmf-9 & mmf-7. If Music Hall plug & play is what your after, save your monies go for the mmf-7. If you have a mmf-9 budget, save a tad bit more, & go for a Vpi Scout Combo w/ a pre-mounted Dynavector 10x5. Email me & I'll tell ya who to call for the best price. You won't regret it!

P.S. MMF-7's Sell on Agon used for $500-550 at times if you Lucky to catch one FAST!!!
Nottingham Horizon would be a much better choice. Can be found used if you wish to save a little and take a risk.
Speaking as a current MMF7 owner, I would not advise spending $1500 on a Music Hall. Don't get me wrong, they are good sounding tables. IMO this plug and play tag does not really fit any of the Music Hall tables above and including the MMF5. I'm not really sure where that started. It is true that there is no suspension to fuss with but you still need to be able to check and adjust VTA and VTF. The project 9 arm on all Music Halls will limit your cartridge choices and the table will limit your arm choices, if there are any other arms that will fit it. If it were my money I would look at other tables that have a better upgrade path. Or find a good deal on a used MMF7.