Music Hall MMF-7 or the Rega 3

Thanks for all the help. My salesman has also told me to consider the rega 3 with a Grado cartridge? Is it any where close to the Music Hall MMF-7? Thanks again TBird
Hi Tbird,
I suggest that you should purchase MMF-7 with Golden Eroica cartridge. It sounds so incredible. I bougth only for $750.00.
Grado is well known for potential hum issues at the end of the record. Consider mounting a Dynavector 10x4MkII, its a better tracker. For tonal balance IMHO better for rock or jazz. If it is beyond your price range, it is worth waiting and saving for, You won't regret it.
Any additional thoughts on this? I am looking at the Rega P3, P25, or the MMF-7

Has anyone listened to, or have any insight into the differences/advantages between them?