Music Hall MMF-7 and Grado Reference Sonata

Has anyone tried this combination:

Music Hall MMF-7 turntable and a Grado Reference Sonata cartridge?

How's the sound?

Many thanks,

I have not tried it. I used to have the MMF-7 a while ago. I don't think the Project arm is worthy of such a cartridge. I am using the Grado on my VPI with the AudioQuest PT 6 arm and that is about pushing it. I believe the Project is a little on the light side for this type of upgrade. What phono stage are you using?
I use a Grado Master on a Project Perspective which has a similar (same?) arm as your table. The Grado has been a significant improvement over the Blue Point Special cartiridge that came with the table. I also use the Grado phono stage which seems to be a nice match.
Have a MMF-7 with the Eroica and a VPI Scout with the Grado Sonata. Am not sure how the table/arms fit into the picture, but the Grado/Scout is a significant upgrade - as it should be given the added expense. The Grado is much easier to listen to period, but on records that are slightly scratched, it covers up much much better. I was surprised at the difference. IMHO!
Funny Thats what I have exactly
I really didn't plan it I bought the mmf 7 from audiogon with out A Cartridge and went with the grado becouse I always loved there cheaper line.
The sound is a bit bright on my True ribbon Maggies bass is very good though it could be a bit tighter could be my preamp though I need a better one I sould tell you after I by a New used tube preamp how it is.
But Its a reall good combo but I haven't compared itr to much else exept my Shure I had and the grado blew that away expecially in soundstadgethats were it ecxells