Music Hall MMF 7.1 Turntable. Good choice?

Cambridge 840A V2 Integrated Amp. Martin Logan Purity speakers. Cambridge 840C CD player. MIT cables.
Listen to classic rock, blues,and some jazz.
I love mine. Be sure to budget for a great phono pre-amp.
I have an MM7 and it is a great choice, so I can only predict that the 7.1 will be even better. And yes get a good phono pre.
The Music Halls are a good lower budget table, but I would encourage you to try a Rega - you will get a much bigger soundstage in particular, which in my opinion is one of the most important things in trying to recreate that "live" sound. A few months back I set up a head-to-head comparison in my home between a Music Hall 2.1 and a Rega P2, and the Rega blew it away in almost anyway you could measure it, musically speaking. Everyone who was there agreed. I will say that we also preferred the Music Hall to the Project tables, which is interesting since Project makes Music Hall. The Nottingham tables are also good, though the Rega's are a better value, price-wise.
I would say you could do better for the same $$. I had one, but got rid of it. To me, it sounded lazy, dull, lifeless.
I hope it is. I just ordered one.
I would encourage you to hear the Rega or the Music Hall first and decide what you like. If you have, the best bang for the money is the P3 or the MMF-7 in these lines. They are very different in design so keep that in mind too. Adjustable vs. non adjustable VTA, removeable RCA cables vs. FIXED, and the tonearms (a REGA strongpoint) but the MMF is good too. The location of the motor being off away from the platter with the MMF 7 is great.
Ultimately, hearing it and accepting the limitations of each table and the price should be part of your decision.
I went from P3 to Nottingham and the music sounds way better. The Nottingham ought to be compared more with the VPI (Mass vs. Springs for suspension!)
I could get the MMF-7 now and be happy for less money or throw more money at the P3 and change the arm and the cartridge and then that would be the better table. Just depends on your tastes!
My 2 cents worth.
what do you guys consider a great phono pre-amp?

how would you rate the mmf7.1 against a mmf-5 se?
You could do better especially used i dont think rega is a huge jump up at least at this price pt
I've had the Music Hall. Quite good for the $$. It could be woth your while to also look at entry levels of SOTA before you invest. Yes, I've owned 3 SOTAs so talking from some experience.
I think you get a lot for the money with a Music Hall. Not really fair to compare the Rega P2 with the cheaper MMF 2.1. The dual plinth design of the MHs offer good isolation and dampening. They have a built in level, and come with a dustcover, something that is an extra cost with some turntables. There are a couple of videos on YouTube of the Music Hall owner demonstrating how to set one up.