Music Hall MMF 7.1 tonearm counterweight

If anyone can help me, I'd be most appreciative! Just purchased a MMF7.1 and adding my AT-OC9 cart to it. Will the stock counterweight work with this cart or would I need to buy a heavier one? I mean, I got it to balance with the counterweight supplied in the box, but it sits at the very back of the tonearm and just looks kinda crooked. Thanks in advance!
This is the heavyweight counterweight I use with my mmf-7 and an AT33PTG: (120g counterweight)
Does your tone arm counterweight hit the plexi cover when it is doww? This happens on the minute or so of the last track on the album
Somec59: When I tried to use the stock 95g counterweight with the 8g cartridge the counterweight hit the dust cover. Now that I use the 120g version the counterweight sits close to the pivot point and provides great cartridge tracking ability.

Tom: Thanks for the tip. For a TT this is a big design flaw that should have been spotted, or the manufacturer doesn't care
Hi, Somec59, I wouldn't call it a design flaw necessarily. Music Hall turntables feature Goldring cartridges that weigh less than 8 grams. An 8 gram cartridge puts the counterweight right at the limits of the tone arm and Music Hall does provide a heavy counterweight for heavier cartridges.

It's more of a design irritation, requiring the purchase of an additional counterweight. But in Music Hall's defense, having a counterweight set way back on the tone arm isn't as good as having the counterweight sit closer to the pivot point. So in one regard, having the counterweight hit the dust cover is a good thing - it prompts the owner to get the heavy counterweight.

Tom: Thanks for the information and the link,I guess I'll be ordering a new counterweight