Music Hall MMF 5 Arm Change?

  Hi, I have a Music Hall MMF 5 table and would like to swap the stock arm for a Rega RB 300. Can I install the Rega in the same holes or is new hole drilling required?  Thanks
  Yup, I have the RB300 already. Ok I see that the P3 is the way to go. I will start my quest to acquire today. Will this set up have the room to work with the Expressimo, old AT lift etc? I really like the convenience of an end of record lift. Thank You.
I guess but don't know. Lifting the arm is the most exercise I get. What is the rest of your gear? Have you considered an automatic turntable? 

I have full rigs in three rooms. A Cayin in the living room, a Creek destiny in the den and a creek Evo in the bed room. I also have about ten TT's of various quality and state of repair. For now, an Ar ES-1 bought new by me in '76?, tricked out a little bit with new arm, Merrill acrylic-lead platter, heavier springs, new motor, little AT lift etc. Thorens 318 in the den for convince. A Music Hall MMF 5 in the bedroom. All are subject to swap out with others in storage in the loft. Speakers, many, all in a state of flux as well. Equipment up there some as far back to late 70's. Some really good gear working as they should or in various state of repair just sitting there idle.. A bit off topic but does anyone know of a successful rehab center for a sad, possibly terminal audio collector in desperate need of help!!?? I know that I sound like a rank neophyte when I ask these questions but trying to be as informed so I can be. Sorry to drone on so.
Try this rehab: Focus on one excellent rig. Get rid of it all and use the funds to get a refurbished Garrard 401/301 or Lenco L75 in a good plinth, a good tube phono/pre like a Croft Micro etc. You know the drill but haven't made the leap. ;-)

  That is a bit too stringent for me. I'm not looking to get rid of the rigs that I have. Idle gear in the loft should go and not to keep acquiring.  There is no TV in the living room nor the bedroom. I have a 22"monitor in my tiny den and a 14" tv in the kitchen. So music is the thing with me. I do have a Bottle Head phono pre though.