Music Hall MMF-5 ?????

Hi guys! My budget for a TT is very very tight! I can not spend more than $500 in a TT, so my question is: Could be this TT an aceptable entry to the analog world???
Yes, absolutely yes. More money will get you better, but to give you an idea a side by side comparison of an MMF-2 with a Phenomena phono pre and a well respected $4000 cd player was no contest, analog won. I like cd's they are convinient and I enjoy them. I own a very expensive cd rig, but analog is better at 1/4 to 1/2 the price.
this is a nice 'table, but for the same $$$ ewe can get an order of magnitude better if ya buy used, imho... see the linn/grace currently f/s here for $550... also, check the turntable "advise" thread rite next to this one... :>)
I fooled around at my local dealer with the original MMF-2. It's very much like the current NAD turntable. A flimsy piece of..
Just went through the same thing and ended up with the MMF-5. I couldn't be happier. It is just a great sounding turntable/cartridge combination. Make sure it is set up properly by a trained pro....
I also purchased the MMF-5 and am very happy with it. It's
fun going back thru the old LP's and rockin hard. This may
be the last turntable I ever purchase.
I am a designer for a south Jersey A/V co. and we sell the MMF5. Here's the skinny: for 5 bills you get a table that has good isolation characteristics for a table at this price point.The arm is acceptable. However, it is not plug and play. Buy with confidence, be forewarned, have dealer set it up and you will be in analog heaven for a pittance