Music Hall MMF-5

I just brought Music Hall MMF-5 from audiogon. Setting up tt following from manual is not easy job. Can you help me to setup TT steps by steps? Is it true that edge of Goldring G-1012 moving magnet Cartridge almost touch the record when playing?
Hi, if you don't get any replies here post your question on the ANALOG forum.

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Sorry I do not know about that
Yes your cartridge will sit very low. What part of the set up don't you understand ? how far along our you in the set up ? Mounting cartridge, adjusting tracking force, VTL ??
Can you help me to setup TT from A to Z from maual? I tried follow from manual and the result as I described above. Please help me if you can. Cartridge I think manufactory already install to arm.
Go to the Music Hall web site and get their phone number and call them for help.
I smell something...hhmmmhhhmm