Music Hall MMF-2: How much can it be improved?

If a better cartridge is used (like Shure M97XE, Grado Gold, or even Shure V15-III) would the turntable perform just as good as those better cartridges would offer?
The reviews of MMF-2 here and at are just so so. The weakest point seems to be its cheap arm. The motor seems to have a problem too.
Can the arm be upgraded? Replacing the mat would be any worthwhile? Should the motor be regularly oiled?
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I would say your best bet would be to upgrade to a more expensive model such as the MMF-5 or 7 or go for a used vpi or other table of your choice and enjoy the ride.
I had a MMF 2.1 back a few years ago and tried a Shure M97XE on it. It wasn't much of an improvement, and I've heard the same cart sound better elswehere. I agree with the general sentiment about the arm on this table being a big weakness. It is what it is - a serviceable, affordable table without much upside beyond what's delivered stock. Given that there aren't any upgrade arms compatible with this table, it's a bit of a dead-end. I tried an upgrade mat as well, couldn't hear any difference. Don't upgrade it, replace it. I'd look at brands with more flexibility.
My current turntable is the Dual CS530 fully automatic belt drive turntable. I messed up with the anti-skating and it does not function properly, so I've been looking for a new TT.

I've tried lower versions of Grado (Black and a few lower ones) and Shure cartridges on the dual. Some differences among them, but not huge. But when I tried Shure M97XE, there was a big difference. I consider Shure M97XE as a good mid-fi cartridge, and by far it was the best cartridge I've tried.
I think Goldring Elan is about the same quality as Grado Black cartridge.

Am I wrong if I assume MMF-2 is a better TT than Dual CS530?
Well, actually I just bought MMF-2 and it is in transit. I also bought a Grado green cartridge and Shure V15-III, so I'll see if MMF-2 makes any difference on those cartridges.
The only two worthwhile upgrades are the Michell clamp and cones to defeat the stock suspension. Then you can move the clamp with you to a new table (or sell both). I would place one cone or footer directly on the underside of the plinth under the arm mount. Place to second underneath the motor, then the third near the front to stabilize the plinth from rocking.

Don't bother with cartidges. Don't bother with arms. At least one person tried the stylus upgrade from I can't say it would be worth the effort.

Agreed with appreciating the table for being what it is.
The footers I have are to the Dayton Audio DSS4-BC, $20 for a set of four. But you could certainly get a more ambitious set like the Mapleshade Heavyfoots.