Music Hall Maven

Has anyone used this receiver. I am thinking about bying one, as I want a good two channel receiver. What do you all think about the quality, etc.?

Had one, It's Ok. nothing special. The quality was good for what it is, here again I found nothing to get excited about.
About a month after having the Maven I bought a Rotel 2 channel. Sold the Maven the following week. My wife uses this everyday and feels it is more musical then the Maven.
Just purchased a modified Raven from Underwood HiFi and I have to say that I am quite impressed. Very musical coupled to a Marantz SA-15 SACD/CD and Quad 22L Speakers. Very nice build quality.
Thanks all. I enjoyed the Maven but decided to go for the plunge and got a Magnum Dynalab MD 208.


I'm considering purchasing a Maven, from Underwood, and am curious as to which level of modification did you get...level 1 or level 2? Also, what speakers are you driving? Thanks.