Music Hall Dac 25.2 vs PS Audio Digital Link 3


I looking for a good budget dac.I have narrowed it
down to these two Dacs. What do you guys think.
I prefer a smooth sound, but I also want Bass slam!
Ps Audio DL3
Music Hall 25.2
Benchmark Dac-1(used)*
Cambridge Audio DacMagic

Have you considered the Bel Canto Dac3 used? They are usually available for about $1300. Otherwise, I would choose the Music hall 25.2.
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Looks like Im leaning towards the Benchmark
Dac-1 for now.
I went with an Older Dac the Theta DS Pro Prime II.
It has that Classic Theta Bass slam with detail highs!
Benchmark DAC-1!
Listened to the the PS audio and Benchmark before choosing the PS. The Benchmark is bright and older versions are very bright in comparison.
Have heard the Music Hall but not the Cambridge. The Music Hall did nothing to change my opinion on the PS. A little lacking in detail.
My other suggestion would be to wait for the new Wyred DAC that I heard at RMAF. Around $1200 with the new Sabre DAC 9008 installed. Very smooth, detailed and dynamic.