Music Hall Classic a upgrade over Denon DP-300f?

Just wanted to get opinions or suggestions.
Would you consider the Music Hall Classic an upgrade over a Denon DP-300f?
Let's say both are using the same cartridge, would it be a big improvement or just minimal?
I’ve handled two of the dp-300f turntables. Both had unimaginably loose tonearms.

which, if it is a stock feature, not both tables being broken...if it is a standard condition, it is a unforgivable sin in tonearm land.

I’m inclined to think that any turntable of any minimal build quality is a step up.

Thus, the Muisc Hall unit is definitely a step up.

If you can go over to your denon 300,and pull gently upward on the bearing assembly (pivot point for the tonearm) and it moves freely in a ’klunk-klunk’ kinda way, then get rid of it.