Music Hall CD25.2 v NAD 545 or even Rotel 1072

Has anyone compared the Music Hall CD25.2 and the NAD 545?? How about the Rotel RCD 1072?? How would these player compare to say an older Denon 1650AR?? I am using a Rotel 990 and 995 pre power (for now ) Analysis plus speaker cable and ICs and old Polk RTA 12Bs Keith
One issue i have had with the MH 25.2CD is the cd drawer is sticky and doesnt close all the way at times.

love the sound
I had a MH cd25.2, and I never had any trouble with mine (although Grinnell isn't the first I've heard about who did). Very transparent sounding player, and the transport was silent (on mine, anyway). I listened to the NAD and thought it was equally good (with a different, fuller sound), but I could hear the disc spinning from five feet away. Don't know about the Denon (I've heard their older players were excellent), but the MH was loads better than my Rotel RCD-950 (I'm sure the 1072 is a better player, though). Hope this helps.
I've had an MH CD25.2 in my second system for about three years. I don't play it all that often, and have had no problems. It really benefits from higher quality interconnects and power cord, particularly with regard to bass weight, fullness, and dimensionality. Dealer demos or trade ins are often available for around $400.00, making for very good value.
I have the Music Hall CD25.2 and have not had any issues with stickiness in the cd drawer.

The interconnect used will certainly affect the sound. I had been using some cheap old Monster cable for a while and it was super bright. AudioQuest Black Mamba 2 helped calm it down.

As for sound, I'm actually not 100% sure how I feel about it. The sound is very clear, but it can be a bit fatiguing, IMO. It's a clear sound, but not necessarily a very full sound. I am considering the Burson HD Op Amp upgrade if I keep it. I personally think that having an easy upgrade path does give this CDP an advantage over others in the price range.