Music Hall cd25.2 or Consonance CD-120 ?

I am considering either going with the Music hall cd25.2 or the Consonance CD-120 and would appreciate any comments on which unit is considered the best. Also curious if anyone has suggestions on CD players that would be better than either of these two units. Would like to stay in the $1500 or under price range. Thanks in advance for your comments.
I believe Cyrus, Rega and Exposure have pretty good ones in that price range.
Hello Bob,

I have a Consonance CD-120 Linear coming in this week. If you want (and are still interested), I could share my impressions about this playere with you. There is a catch, you would have to share your impressions of the Qinpu a-1.0x integrated, and let me know how they compare to others you ahve had in the past.
New or used? $1500 used means a lot of options, e.g., the Consonance Droplet 5.0, which comes up from time to time at pretty near 1500.

Consonance without a doubt.