Music Hall CD-25 vs. Shanling CD-S100 : Same?

I've tried to figure out the difference between these two players, but they appear to be the same. They have the same drive, servo system, d/a chip, hdcd, op-amp chip and separate power supply for digital and analog, as well as the same look and build. However, in Canada the Music Hall retails for $1,000 and the Shanling for $700. Any thoughts or information out there???

They are the same exact player. Smooth and detailed.
Do they have the same horrid remote?
Here's a picture of the Music Hall remote and review.

I recently read a different review which stated the Shanling and Music Hall versions had different remotes...and that it prompted the reviewer to conjecture that Music Hall had done other internal changes to the stock Shanling unit as well.

Sorry, tried to find that review again but have not been successful.
The newer Music Halls have a cleaner metallic remote, instead of the Star Trek Phaser I got for picking this player up last summer.
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Are you referring to the Music Hall cd-25 MkII or the second generation cd-25. The original Musical Hall cd-25 is exactly the same as the shanling s100 which should only be around $500(US dollars).

I also have the first generation Music Hall remote. You guys hit it on the head, what a lousy piece of junk. On the plus side, so far, I have not had any issues with it. But, most players available at KMart have a better looking remote.

The new one Roy went to is a lot better looking, but still will not be nominated for any awards.

Of course, you could say that Musical Fidelity's remotes are not the finest either...