Music Hall CD-25 -VS- Musical Fidelity cd player

While I am in the search for a "newer" cd player that will be replacing my Onkyo DX-C380, I have narrowed it down to these last two : Music Hall CD-25 AND The Music Fidelity A3CD player. While the Onkyo doesnt have all the latest stuff inside, it has been a very good player.

While reading many reviews done by audio critics , on various players, the person doing the review would say that brand xxx seemed to have missed the detail that brand yyy did ( but brand yyy) costs thousands more. This I would think wouldnt matter or come into play because the Onkyo is such an older player. Almost anything I replace it with should be an improvement. Right or Wrong??

If anybody has listened to either ones of these players, information would be greatly appreciated.

Not sure if you need this information but here it is anyway:

System consists of: 1 1/2 wpc tube amp ( for high side)
tube preamp
100 wpc hybrid amp ( low side)
Klipsch KLF-30'S ( Bi-amped)

Music ranges from female vocals, swing ( big band), Tool, Godsmack etc...

Thanks all who respond in advance.

I have listened to both of these players extensively in my system. I purchased the Music Hall (a re-badged Shanling CD-S100 for $200 more) because I didn't feel the Musical Fidelity was worth the extra money. The A3cd has great tonality but can be very mechanical sounding, no PRaT. The Music Hall is not the last word on resolution but does not add any annoying artifacts to the sound. I listen to LPs mostly anyway so I just wanted a CD player that wouldn't irritate me with grain, edgyness or a mechanical delivery. IMHO to get a significantly better CD player you are looking at a Meridian 508-24 or Linn Ikemi ($3k +). If you decide on the Music Hall (Shanling) talk to Kevin at Harmonia Audio, he provided me with excellent service with my CD-S100/MMF-25/
I agree with Blackie. The Music Hall is a great value and can be found for $350 on this site used. And as Blackie points out, there are several outfits that do factory approved mods on the CD-25, which is a great thing to have down the road when you'd like to upgrade again. I'd just advise you to use good ICs and an after-market power cord. A member who goes by the name Subaruguru is selling DIY power cord kits for $39 and they are very good.
I like my CD-25/Shanling CD-S100, but I have heard the MF player only briefly at a show and can't really compare. Still, Blackie's comments above pretty much reflect my impression of the difference. I would just like to add that an economical power cord upgrade improves soundstage and definition of the Shanling. Ernie the Subaruguru's cord would be just fine for this, IMHO.
I also listened to both of these units along with Arcam D72 and Rotel RCD-1070. I decided on the Rotel. To me it sounded as good if not better than the Arcam units and was nearly $300 cheaper. Definately give the Rotel a listen. Hope this is useful.
My understanding is that you had your CDP upgraded from KRELL so I have heard? Not sure how ?? I would agree with Beatlebum on the Rotel very good player for it's price point! I would also look at the Arcam Alpha 9,haven't heard the D72 but the 9 is a great player for it's price.